By dust1535538 - 13/10/2011 16:55 - United States

Today, I got a speeding ticket while taking my drivers license test. FML
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First off, this is my FML. Second, I was on a road that just so happened to not have a posted speed limit. So I just assumed the speed limit to be 45, unfortunatly according to the law here on a unposted road the limit is 35. No I didn't pass.

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Llama_Face89 33

Don't speed through life. It won't be worth it.


Llama_Face89 33

I hit a small child and a large puppy during my driver's test. Motor skills at their finest...

Damn_Hippster 11

Wow that's like 2 slaps in the face right there :/

24- As a matter of fact, I passed on my first try. I resuscitated a dead panda, and he was so impressed that I'm now a licensed driver AND panda expert.

enonymous 8

I'm assuming the officer was a woman...Did you tell the cop you're a man and therefore you know how to drive? Just say it in a non sexist way.

Hope this wasn't during the eye exam portion....

Damn_Hippster 11

Well that is pretty impressive, who needs motor skills when you can resurrect dead Pandas anyways.

xoconnie 8

at least u didnt hit a sign like i did! i failed 2 times with the parallel parking but am going back october 26!!!! 3rd times the charm..... hopefully

If you hit a sign you probably shouldn't be driving. Stationary objects and all...

I passed on the first try with a -23. Apparently that's a pretty bad score...

brrarm 17

Should've refused continuing the test, so you don't have to get a point on driver license you don't have! o.O

xoconnie 8

lol 75 it was a sign i hit during parallel parking that said "no practicing here". such a fail lmao

I passed even after flying through a stop sign. So did my partner, she hit a garbage can xD

friedpwnadge 25

If he was just getting his license, the cop probably saw him as another helpless kid in need of a violation for going five over the limit. It wasn't the kid's fault imho, just a perfect example of age discrimination.

PiperWoods 0

That sucks! But you shouldn't have been speeding anyways. Especially on your test :/

philliesfan983 1

Why were you speeding? Especially during a driving test.

Cereal_Is_Good 5

OP could have only been going 2-3 mph above the speed limit, seeing as some police officers just look for excuses to give out tickets.

I think if he were only speeding a tiny bit, he would have mentioned it as part of the FML.

theevilduchess 12

Soooo.... Is it safe to say that you failed?

theevilduchess 12

Well then, by god, let the car wars begin.

That happened to me before, then I woke up and went to school.

A) don't speed B) don't speed on your driving test C) don't be such a dick when it comes to speeding to get a ticket before you even have a license. Did you pass?

What happened with the test? Passed or failed?