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Today, I told my husband that when I get my birth control taken out later this year, I would like to take a break from it for a while. He just said, "Condoms are too expensive and I don't want to waste $2 every time we do it." FML
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Let him save his money then and take your break!

"Waste" the phonology used regarding this term refers to negative connotations associated with lack of appreciation and on a familiar basis, a cheap piece of shit


Birth control ain't cheap either, I assume.

Haha some methods are and some are not! The Implanon is a couple hundred dollars. The pill can range from $30-$90. Insurance can pay for some or all, but it depends. From what it sounds like, OP must have had an IUD or the arm implant. Those are definitely not cheap.

If he thinks condoms are expensive, just remind him how expensive kids are, lol.

Condoms aren't even expensive, you can get 3 for £1 here, or most doctors give them away when you ask, and sexual health clinics have whole jars full of them to grab

Mine is $10 per month for the pill, some people definitely aren't that lucky enough to get it so low

yes, but most have insurance for that so its practically free in most cases

My birth control is free but I guess it had to do with the fact it was medically necessary. But I know many insurance companies who provide it for free, even the patch, it's usually apart of some co-pay

MikaykayUnicorn 36

I'm thinking he's not actually concerned about money and just doesn't want to use a condom. Wild guess.

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Depends what country you're in, in New Zealand I get 6 months of the pill for $5, and if you go to a family planning clinic you can get 144 condoms for $5

Yeah, my implant was $1000. But it does last for three years.

Lmao in England all birth control is free til ur 25

It's not free until you're 25, it's just free generally.

$1000?!? That's madness. On our trusty UK NHS I've had the pill for 3 years, implanon for 2 years, copper coil for two years and Mirena coil for a year. And unlimited condoms. All for free. Admittedly, most of the condoms end up as balloons...

It is madness, but my parents' insurance is through a Catholic hospital system, and they don't cover any birth control, and I wanted something easier and more effective than the pill. So being $1000 out sucks, but at least I won't have any accidental pregnancies.

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My mirena IUD birth control cost about 500 dollars and only 100 is covered by my insurance. But it will last for 5 years.

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FYL. It's free in Canada; just tell your doctor you can't afford it and they'll keep you in free birth control pill sample packs. :(

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Yea most insurances Will pay for it because it's a lot cheaper than paying for all that comes with childbirth

It's only free if your insurance covers it, you also have to pay dispensing fees.

But how is it fair that women has for fork out for all of this, and the men don't? Seems Archaic.

Let him save his money then and take your break!

Pretty sure she was hinting at trying to get pregnant.

That's not how I interpreted it #3. It seems like she genuinely wants a break from her BC. If you want to have children with someone, you wouldn't vaguely hint at it like that. You'd have an actual conversation about it.

Yeah last time I checked- she never said he had to pay, and also you think birth control is cheap? Reeeeeally?

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MikaykayUnicorn 36

Possibly ruin your life to prove a point? Good idea.

Lol that's funny!!! It would be a good point to bring up to him!

More like possibly ruin a child's life to prove a point. The parents choose whether or not to keep a child.

Let him know that there's always the option of having no sex in general. It's your body! If you want to take a break from it, you should. Especially because things like IUDs have side effects and can be hormone based. Talk to him about this. His initial response may have been a knee jerk reaction.

"Waste" the phonology used regarding this term refers to negative connotations associated with lack of appreciation and on a familiar basis, a cheap piece of shit

Well, isn't he attended. This is where you mention that you could choose to lengthen that break...

As someone once said ''Why wear a bullet vest when you can take the bullets out of the gun?'' i can't remember who said that but i agree; birth control should be a responsability of both partners.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

I believe it's in the works. I agree that men should have to take responsibility as well. Condoms are a "only needed when having sex" birth control; women are given the task of taking a pill every day (and you really are supposed to take it the same time every day to minimize chances of getting pregnant) yet men just slip a condom on before sex. Not really fair, is it?

@51 Are you really complaining that having options in birth control is unfair? Men: male condom. Woman: female condom, the pill, the micro-pill, the once in a month injetion-pill, the iud (copper and hormonal), the implant. If you don't like to take a pill every day at every hour, pick another option. Yes, totally unfair. Woman have it so badly. Ugh lets just kill all men.

Uh, not all women can use the forms of birth control. And yes, it's a bit unfair that men just have to slip something on their dick but women have the responsibility of taking a pill everyday, needles, or invasive types of birth control. Not saying men are evil by noticing the responsibility is more on women than it is men.

@67 Woman have the responsibility but also all of the options. Personally I'm very happy to have the responsibility because of my ability to choose between birth control instead of being on the side that is totally dependent on what the woman chooses. Very, *******, happy. Unfairness is to not have any options but one (condom), not having sooo many options (female condom, pills and longer lasting one's) and better one's that will result in you being the responsible one. It's unfair, but not to us.

it's not the amount of choices that is the problem. it's that the choices are much more invasive and have a higher potential for things to go wrong. hot flashes, possible infection or allergic reaction from surgical implants or pills, hormonal imbalance, etc. I could go on, but I'm not a Doctor.

@69 considering that ANY of those birth control options you mentioned have ****** with my hormones and mental state, I'd rather the guy take the birth control. I shouldn't have to suffer the side affects just to not get pregnant.

I can see both sides to the male vs female birth control. I'm on the pill, and while I wouldn't use most of the other options, it's nice to know that they are available to me. Since I'd be the one carrying the baby, it's also nicer that I'm in more control over my body rather than my partner having more control, not that he'd do anything I wouldn't agree with. I do understand the point that it would be nice to not have full responsibility though. Stressful to think that if I mess up, I could end up with an unwanted child. I also understand the ill side affects, as well. Thankfully, I don't experience that. So, I'm understanding of both opinions.

I don't think it should be on either one unless one of you can't take birth control, I think if you don't want a child both should be on it. That seems the fairest.

@51 cause taking 1 pill every day is ~such~ a difficult task, oh man. But with a condom you have to be careful when putting it on so as to make sure it doesn't tear! Man men have it sooo easy never mind they have to remember to have a condom oh Lordy so easy. Taking a pill everyday is just such a hassle you have to fill a glass with water and open your mouth and everything! ( if you can't tell how sarcastic I'm being I'd strongly suggest leaving the Internet)

There's fantastic solutions in other countries, but it's too cheap and easy, so naturally we don't have it here in the US.

@125 it's not taking the pill everyday it's about how it ***** with your body. Learn a little before commenting. Some women can't take pills because of side effects. Please tell me the side effects of a ******* condom.

Tell him that they sell the extra small condoms in bulk, so he doesn't need to waste money on expensive ones that are too big for him.

Nyattack 14

Yeah, because shaming him about his penis through immature jokes is definitely going to fix their communication issues...

Tell your doing it and that if he's got no rubber on he get no sex. You have your reasons for waiting for your birth control don't let me being a cheep bastard change that.

I'd kind of upset that he can't consider my well-being and thinks it's such a waste and burden to spend the few dollars for safe sex. Pretty selfish considering you're the one that's had to deal with all the birth control, and he can't even do it for this little while. Just take the break anyway, it's good to take some time off with these kinds of medications. You've been the one handling the birth control, now he can handle it by using condoms, or deal with no sex. Also, these condoms are not nearly as expensive as having a child.