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Today, I grounded my son for being a smart ass. Now he can't go to the cub scout campout this weekend. He's been howling, sobbing, stomping, slamming and screaming for about three continuous hours. I am not sure who this punishment has inflicted more suffering on: my son or me. FML
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I happen to be the OP and to the folks who think I am mean because I didn't let him go to the scouting event: it is a SPECIAL event. He's not out of scouts. He just needed a really serious wake up call. To the folks who think I am mean because I punished him for being a smart ass: The reality is this was a compound offense. He got into trouble for not doing what I asked and got a minor punishment (chores). He got mouthy about the chores and lost his special event. To the folks who think I need to paddle him more: you may be right but he's getting too old for that. To the folks who think I shouldn't let him throw the tantrum: Awesome idea, beyond smacking him as suggested and grounding him as done, what's the methodology for that? He stayed in his room to howl and holler. I ignored it and posted my FML. Special event at school next week will be cancelled too if he keeps it up. Love my boy. Tough love today.

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i think you are being exactly the right kind of parent. good job.

Nah - it sounds like the discipline was WAAAAAYYYY overdue!


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I love smartasses! so OP YDI for grounding him.

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ydi op the scouts is a positive program to keep your kid out of trouble. now he might turn into a stoner


YDI for not controlling your spawn-of-Satan child. my kid wouldn't get away with that crap for 3 minutes, much less than 3 hours. beat his sorry little butt-at least then he'd have something to cry about

Exacty. If you let him get away with that, He'll know that he can get out of punishment by doing that.

I very rarely YDI FLMs, and I YDIed this one. Sometimes we can't help being smartasses, and grounding him went a little too far. You should have known that after THREE freaking HOURS!

The crime needs to fit the punishment, and yours does not. Scouts is a positive experience, and these are memories he'll remember for his entire life. You're going to take that away because your kid was a smart-ass? That's a little harsh. I think a week-long grounding, or the confiscation of video games/tv/toys or something would be better suited. And as a kid my parents would NEVER let us get away with such tantrums. We'd get our asses spanked if we tried to pull any of that crap! Parents have gotten far less effective at parenting over the years.

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#19 I'd rather have a stoner; at least they're calm...

yuo need to go whip his littel ass and really give him somthing to cry about

Well it's done and you better not reverse yourself! Tell him you're going to add more time if he doesn't keep quiet,he has to know that he cannot disobey or disrespect you EVER! P.S. Time out doesn't work!! " Try to be kind" also has good points! #144

Agreed! Beat that little ************'s ass! grounded him from cub scouts?! i was in cub scouts for the whole five ,years it makes you a wiser person, hen mabe he wouldnt smartass you?

Your next FML will be finding out your sons gay

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Raising your smart ass Lesson 1: Smartasses can ALWAYS find a way to make you hate your punishment more than him Lesson 2: They can, and will, find a way around punishments Lesson 3: They can, and will get away with shit

Good job with the dicipline. Kids walk all over there parents nowadays.

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I was going to write exactly what you did-thank you! Mom sounds like a weak excuse for parenting, setting a bad example for her kid. And didn't she realize how he's react? He'll remember this the rest of his's really FML for the kid, having a mom like that. And I speak from experience, having the best 15-yr-old son in the world.

Wow! All the parents on here being SMARTASSES and calling the kid "Spawn of Satan" should really take classes, you know, for the child abuse problem you have? Oh and OP, grounding is definitely going to far, just for being a smart ass? Just take away a privilege, like using the computer or watching TV for the day.

if you really want to punish the kid, smart ass him right back! "mommy, can i play videogames?" "idk ask a doctor", etc. better yet, videotape him crying and screaming!! hahaha

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take a hot iron and place it on his back till he shuts up that's what ny dad did to me =]

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now why the hell would u do tht?

backhand his stupid little face. my mom use to do that to me and I turned out fine. if my kids ever do that, their gonna get the genes beaten out of them

You my dear,are a monester #239 no parent should EVER harm a child,not only is it ILLEGAL but it's also wrong on so many levels,all you're going to do is make them hate or fear you,maybe some kids won't but most will :l

only if you do it for no reason.....or rather, you do it as a punishment for everything. if you use it as a punishment for the bigger things, they'll be more inclined to avoid doing that. spanking a kid =/= beating them

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haha you deserve it you were probably a smartass first.

youve got hands use em im only 17 but i see lil kids gets worse every day cause of bad parenting if your kid wont listen to words is time to move on to other methods im just saying

OP, you know what it feels like to be his age, why put him in that situation, I'm sure at his tender age (assumption), he didn't really meant it, so why don't you get your head out of your ass

OP, you know what it feels like to be his age, why put him in that situation, I'm sure at his tender age (assumption), he didn't really meant it, so why don't you get your head out of your ass

OP, you know what it feels like to be his age, why put him in that situation, I'm sure at his tender age (assumption), he didn't really meant it, so why don't you get your head out of your ass

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Nah - it sounds like the discipline was WAAAAAYYYY overdue!

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What games? Kickball? Tag? I don't see what is wrong with those...

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Ever heard, "There's no time like the present?" If this is how he reacts when he's punished, he's got to learn a few lessons. If she's grounded him for being a smart ass (which she should, depending on the level of rudeness he was showing), she should stick to it. He'll learn not to mouth off to her again, and he can go to the next campout.

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^ in whole-hearted agreement. silly white people and and their "I can't discipline my kids or they'll call child services on me!" parenting.. I've seen your kind let your children run amuck through Jewel Osco throwing tantrums and destroying the merchandise, and what do YOU do?? "Well I don't want to say no as it may hamper my child's creativity... What kind of Garbage exc-??! Kick his @$$ someday so he doesn't grow up spoiled enough to ruin everyone else's life plz. thx. oh and to all the white folk that this isn't stereotyping, my sincerest apologies go to you but really, you rarely see any black or brown parents' children go nuts up and down the aisles without being put in check right away (u know it's true) :)

But if you look at how they end up, I think "white folk" are doing it a lot betterr :P

reiyu: Firstly, it's "amok." Secondly, why, why, why do you have to bring race into this discussion? There are PLENTY of black/brown parents who don't have any idea how to parent their children and who go way overboard in "keeping them in line" with brute force or threats to the point that the child actually is stifled in just as destructive a way as white parents who have no limits. There is no need for race to be an issue here, and introducing it will only serve to distract from the real issue, which is ineffective parenting on a massive scale.

if I ever did this my dad would beat my ass down and I'm white that being said he'd let me go to the campout just to get rid of me

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I have to disagree with this. I student teach in a lower area school where we have 3 white students in the class and those three are my most well behave students. Its the others that don't listen, give attitude when ever they are told to do anything. We call parents of the ones with continual behavior problems and the parents don't care!

Wait.. which race is far better off still? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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no it can be amuck when you look amok up in the dictionary it tells you to look up amuck

reiyu: While you are right to an extent, It's mostly a case of class. Beating a child is an effective punishment every now and again to sharply correct bad behavior, but raising them in a respectful environment is the most important thing, as that's what a child picks the most up from. You will seldom see a white, upper-middle class child misbehaving in public - same for a black or brown upper-middle class child. Regarding OP, you should have let him go - being a smart-ass requires discipline, but at this age he needs as much social activity as possible; don't deny him that. Grounding is an ineffective punishment, it's negative rather than positive enforcement of discipline.

Some kids need a spanking, not all the time but once in a while. positive reinforcement works at times too but there are times when a good smack onbthe tush iis effective. As long as you don't always hit your kid, both methods help can be effective but, in my experience, just employing one method is ineffective.

@ #18 oh what excellent logic! black women beat their kids

All the above statements are true in that a middle ground is the best means by which to raise a child. I was raised in the same manner, and while yes I was hit now and again, it was never some brutal thrashing or anything overtly serious. and as regards to my above racist comment, I'm surprised that a hate war did not commence and even more racist statemnets were not exchanged. this FML app is apparently much different from the previous garbage one. And as to those who claim "white people are better off," you must be truly blind to claim that your arrogant statement and lack of humility will allow you to live a happy life. money does not equal happy, and FYI who's the economy just went through a depression bad enough to let the Canadian and Australian dollars become equivalent currencies? Hmm?? But yeah, if you're about to say "but you're equally racist!!" don't, because although my previous comment was aimed in a certain direction to ascertain a certain response, the comment does not reflect my true thoughts or character. And Lastly, to the grammar police that is running "amok," get a life, your imperfect knowledge of the English language and pointless spelling corrections will by no means raise your poor self-esteem, as you will be flamed down everytime your over-anxious 3rd-grader reflex acts up. thank you

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where i live, the black/brown people don't 'disipline' their children. they smack and shake the shit out of them until they're unconscious/dead, and the parents themselves are drunk or high on weed/pills/paint/petrol. there's australia's indigenous for you. oh and don't say 'white people' because i got disiplined when i was younger and i was white, as with many other people. i get the kind of people you're talking about but its not 'white' people. its 'white middle/upper class, my kids are so precious im going to buy them everything and never punish them' types. hahaha :)

You really have the audacity to criticize the way Australia's indigenous people behave? How about the way your government behaved towards them until only recently? Destroy a peoples way of living the way your government did and that's the way those societies end up. It's disgusting how quickly people in Australia forget and turn into racists.

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#91 AMEN about correcting people. I'm getting tired of seeing this on fml. Also, all races have their good and bad people so dnt judge or think ur a better race because it's not true..... OP punishment has to be in the same amount as much as he was bad, so unless he burned down the house u shouldn't punish him with that!

I call bull shit I see black kids run around steal stuff and break stuff all the time not sayin white kids don't becuse they do

Bad parenting stereotypes are in all races so please don't act like one is better than another. White kids aren't disciplined enough... black fathers walk out on their kids... etc etc.

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lol that's what I was thinking :)

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I certainly haven't forgotten how our government acted, and I support change of the extremely prevalent racism in our country. Your generalisation excludes progressives who work damn hard to change things around here.

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Dumbass, black kids are not all wild. I'm not wild, fucktard!

Great logic there:- "The government was mean to me, therefore I have the right to beat my kids."

Oh get real, sit there and act as though a) it was the current ******* government that made that decision and b) no other government has ever made the same decision. What do you think native americans went through? What do you think the indigenous people of pretty much EVERY country have been though? Get off your high ******* horse.

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tell Him to shut up or you will take something else away

I think the FYL and YDI votes are probably directly representative of how many FML voters have kids and how many don't. FYL and good work for seeing it through. I backed out of my last grounding so I could actually get some time alone to work.

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There is something to be said for the love it takes to backhand your unruly child when they missbehave during their grounding.

How was he being a smart ass? If he was actually being clever and making you think twice about what you said or did, then it's perfectly fine.

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Learning to respect unreasonable people is a terrible life lesson. It is a parent's responsibility to BE a respectable human being and EARN their child's respect that way.

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@#291 parents don't EARN the respect of their children!!!!! wtf respect ur elders? doesn't mean they r correct or even nice but they still get respect. ppl like u r y so many kids r so ****** entitled today

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you need tobeat that boy tell em to shut his trap

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Good for you OP. Stand your ground. Kids need to understand that there are rules and consequences for breaking them. Don't be tempted to back down or you will lose any respect or authority you have gained so far. As for his current tantrums - tell him not to be such a baby or you'll give him a pacifier.

I agree. These pacifier responses are just another indication of why so many kids are brats nowadays. My 13 year old cousin poured a Sprite on the head on my fiancé at Thanksgiving when he was all dressed up, unprovoked. He got a huge punishment of 5 minutes in his room crying.

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You aparently haven't been to San Antonio. I have first hand experience on the matter since I spent 4 years in retail. Screaming kids galore. And the parents would do nothing to shut them up. They had no shame. This is in a town that's mostly Mexican. So don't give us that crap. I also know a few Mexican families that treat their kids just like you say white people treat theirs. So take your stereotypes and shove em. Kthxbai

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my mom decided a similar punishment like this and ended up letting him go cuz it gets him away from her so he could bug the scouts leader and friends xD