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Today, my annoying and disrespectful roommate discovered Pandora. She also discovered that she can play Christmas music on Pandora. Only 23 more days until Christmas. FML
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at least she has some Christmas spirit...unlike SOMMMMEEEONNNNE....


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gosh I hate when I'm at work and they have the Christmas track on repeat lol

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ughhh ^^ I totally know what you are talking about I work at macy's nd that's all they play all day! nd like 4 different versions of each song :/

2- Are you an atheist? Just wondering... And, in case you didn't notice... Christmas actually gives some people a break at work.

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@50 Xmas isn't a purely Christian holiday, it is actually a modified pagan holiday just look at the clues eg xmas trees, holly and ivy in the house etc. My point is even if 2 was an atheist they might still like the day of xmas just not the over play of music.

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@50 i forgot to add that not everyone is off at xmas whether you celebrate it or not. I work in a hotel and we are open all year, one of us has to be there on xmas day.

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Ah man, I work in retail as well and let me tell you...listening to Christmas songs for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week definitely does not put you in the holiday spirit. If anything, it can turn you into a raging alcoholic with the intention of committing vehicular homicide.

55 and 56, I believe I said "some people who work". And, it is basically christans. Since "God" was born on the 25th. But I do agree, not the ENTIRE holiday isn't taken as a holiday under the christen belief.

Euphemism, really if you're gonna go all christian on us, it was Jesus and not God who was supposedly born on the 25th December. That said he was actually born in the summer, but when the Romans finally decided to embrace Christianity they decided to move it to the 25th December as there were already pagan festivals then so they thought it would make for an easier transition. As for the guy who said to look at Christmas trees and holly being indoors as evidence; they are actually pretty modern conventions.

62- if I was an "Christian", I would've known that. But you just proved that I'm not. So thanks. And, I was trying to keep a open mind. As speaking out my thoughts in few unique ways.

omg this happens to me at my work, and they repeat every hour!!! I go crazy!

Yule logs are from a non-Christian holiday that was absorbed by Christmas. They are not all that new. (This is in regards to the holly and trees discussion; it is basically a modification to the original specs.) @ Euphemism: Many Christians do not know much about Christmas so that doesn't prove any point at all for you. i like a lot of Christmas music if I am in the mood but working retail will kill that spirit quick. I didn't want to celebrate at all when I worked retail. Now I have some Christmas songs that shuffle amongst my other music on my ipod. It's just enough spirit and never any dogs barking Jingle Bells.

actually Christmas trees are old people used to bring them inside during winter because all of the plants would die and it was a symbol of life. they just didn't decorate them.

That sucks really bad. A lot of Christmas music is annoying. I love Pandora. It's where I get rap and death metal songs. :D

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very well put. lol. this is exactly how I feel. lmao

I did google it. Is she playing Christmas music on a special pandora bead that plays music. I'm very confused right now.

#120 Trying Googling "Pandora radio." That should help.

@90 I absolutely loathe the Jingle Dogs song, it was one of the reasons our employees were able to convince management to change the radio station. Working retail becomes utter hell when chipmunks sing songs and dogs bark jingles over and over every 20 minutes. I challenge someone to remain cheery (and sane) for one shift.

50, no I'm not an atheist, and I didn't say that I don't like/ appreciate Christmas. I just don't like the music

60 I thought Jesus was born on Christmas

" well obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park" haha u soo remind me of that guy!!

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Actually christmas is a christian holiday. Notice the "christ" in it. Nobody knows the official day Jesus was born, but it was sometime in december and we celebrate it the 25th.

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yeah, that music can get old fast!! haha

Your pic...!!! It's...!!! Just...!!! AWESOME!!! *epic fireworks in the background*

Early Christmas present: shove earphones down her throat.

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That's a bummer, OP. You should "discover" noise rock and blast that shit.

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Arab! don't blow up FML! ....No offense

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Oh... yeah cause calling me a terrorist is definitely not offensive... ha.

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Haha, the comment is gone. Nothing to see here.

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No, blast shit like Suicide Silence, Conducting from the Grave, Whitechapel, Veil of Maya, and other deathcore or heavier music. ^-^

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I've never heard of any of those haha. How about Justin Bieber on repeat, really really loud? I'd move.

You sound like a scrooge get over it! Christmas music is relaxing maybe you should try listening to it or you could pull that big stick out of your butt either way.

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I would listen to Christmas music if there were a metal version.

There is. I work at Walmart and they have a CD called "We Wish You a Metal Xmas and a Headbanging New Year." It's got all kinds of people such as Ronnie James Dio, Alice Cooper, Tony Iommi, etc.