By IHopeYourDogsGetDiarrheaAndPoopOnYourBed - 20/12/2011 11:49 - Mauritius

Today, I heard someone calling my name. It was my neighbor. Turns out they named their dogs after my mother, my sister and me. FML
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Well it's not insulting if it's those cute little puppies.

So when they call your names, which bitches come/answer? Lol

9 - i bet they are bulldogs... And so are the neighbours new dogs...

chlorinegreen 27

Well that's not creepy or anything. Nice name OP.

Is your mother named Fluffy? Is your name Fido? Was your sister blessed with the name Princess Beyonce?

Did the cutest dog got named after you?

Don't tell me u still have that fone or use it lol

IHopeYourDogGetsDiahhreaAndPoopsOnYourBed hahhhah nice name OP.

Looks like your family just got done... Doggy style.

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Sir, please, for the sake of humanity. Give up all ur aspirations and be a comedian.

Who let the dogs out?! Who, who who who??!!?!!?

*rock music in background while 2 puts on sunglasses*

I don't use sunglasses. They always seem to argue with my outfits.

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It would be best to just ignore it. It shows more about them than you. It is their FML.

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sounds like your neighbor is barking up the wrong tree.

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he'll get all the *******! why do i even try!

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No OP should get a dog and name it idiot then tell the neighbor that they named it after him

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The only reason i like this comment because of the badass profile pic