All over cheese?

By Anonymous - 29/03/2022 01:00 - Bulgaria - Sofia

Today, my family had an argument with me because I bought the wrong kind of cheese. They never said what kind they wanted. The argument ended with my mother saying that she wished she could kill herself, because of how horrible of a person I am. FML
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AzraelAngelus 15

With that I’d say you’d be better off not talking to your family for awhile possibly ever again


AzraelAngelus 15

With that I’d say you’d be better off not talking to your family for awhile possibly ever again

Nhayaa2.0 17

They must really love that particular cheese...

I_water_Dead_Plants88 7

Toxic parents are the worst. I hope you can get away soon.

I_water_Dead_Plants88 7

That's no gouda! She ought to move to Wisconsin where her sentiments would be completely reasonable. They take their cheese very seriously! Where else can you buy 15-year aged cheddar that costs $64/pound?

Sounds like a very “dramatic” family. Drama is a lot easier to take when it’s a on a screen or a stage and lasts under 2 hours or you can turn it off anytime you want. My family was not too dramatic when I was growing up, for which I am thankful! My wife came from a more dramatic family than mine. Before getting too upset at over-dramatic mom, ask yourself this - Am I also prone to exaggerated drama and is it only in others that I notice that? Be honest with yourself. Unfortunately we don’t get to pick our parents. You are not very likely to change them. You have to focus on what you can realistically do. You can more likely change your words and actions than them. You will be more successful at focusing on what you can accomplish than to focus on your drama queen Mom. Do what you can to avoid unnecessary fights but that doesn’t mean just rolling over every time there is a dispute. Also when Mom has had a chance to calm down, calmly explain how hurtful what she said to you was. Maybe that will help her to remember in the future to be a bit less “dramatic”… Finally, there are good and bad things about being expressive or dramatic. You already know the bad things about that. The good thing is that often the dramatic ones express not only anger and disappointment, they are often people who express love too.

Some people are pretty damn serious about cheese and you shouldn't mess with them

slhiggx 17

The start, and the end. But who knows what was said by either party in the middle. I’m sure you weren’t passive if that’s how the conversation ended. But who am I to say?