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Today, my boyfriend finally got me to orgasm, for the first time in my life, after trying for months. He started laughing when I climaxed. I asked why. Apparently I look like an Down's Syndrome child when I climax. FML
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And I wonder what kind of idiot he looks like when he has an ******. No one looks cool, I promise.

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next time take pic of his ******

WTF? Today, I got my first ******. FML. People these days...

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no bite it off lol just when he's at his climax he him hanging haha try that babe

AN downs syndrome? seriously? I don't mean to be a grammar Nazi but... really?

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Something you'll probably never experience

And I wonder what kind of idiot he looks like when he has an ******. No one looks cool, I promise.

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I agree. Op's boyfriend can't look much better.

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it helps to relax your muscles instead of tense...

nice smile and good advice! you can relax with me anytime ;-)

then he has never made anyone climax before no one looks cute unless they are faking it

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I agree #5. I havent seen anyone climax tho, coz I'm either in the wrong position to see it, I'm wrapped up in her legs or I'm climaxing too lol.

OP's eyes probably go cross-eyed when she climaxes.

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your an ass my brother has DS and he isn't cross eyed

7 - Not to be mean or anything, but how do you know?

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you obviously know nothing about triomy 21 or w/e the first word is in the scientific name for downs syndrome.

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because he is my brother and I know a hell of a lot about that kind of thing

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look all I'm trying to point put here is that down syndromes are not ugly

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they are pretty damn cute if you ask me

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yeah they have a free pass to heaven

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which part? the cute part or the heaven part? cause i pretty much agree with both of them

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I believe that depending on what mental disability they have they for the most part have a free pass to heaven

Oh Christ, what a time to impose and inflict your beliefs and religion into a conversation. They are people not animals, just because one is disabled doesn't allow you call them cute and disregard their feelings. I did spend time with a child who had DS and he knew right and wrong and even though he had a terrible case of DS and passed away several years after and I still remember him, he was more of a friend than somebody who I knew who had a terrible disorder.

religion is fake, grow a pair and make your own desiscions.

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<===== people with down syndrome are cute though I have never seen some one with downsyndrome to be ugly

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the proof is all around you jesus is as real as the revolutionary war

I beg to differ, all wars are sometimes used to control people and majority of that is done by propaganda. Even though I'm an atheist, I still am quite understanding to people who's belief in any religion and expect the same from them shady cult-type people. ;)

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they have just as much historical proof that he is real...

#43, last I checked humans are animals... not plants or fungi.

Jesus is as real as the wars started in his name LOL

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Hey guys, be mature and stop the theological debate now. No one will win or convince anyone to think differently. Just drop it now before y'all get moderated.

Christianity is a religon based on Jesus Christ. Just because Christians believe in him, does not mean that they should be Jewish. One big difference is that the belief of individuals who consider themselves Jewish believe that he has not yet came to our "rescue." Individuals with certain religious beliefs do not follow 'em because they want to be just like their God or Gods, but more so because their prespective of their God or Gods and life pertains more to that religion.

Damn I hate it when the Cristian Jewish-zombie-******* turn a simple FML into a theological debate. We're here for the entertainment, not to be preached at.

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hahahaha down syndrom kids are retards hahaha

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this is freaken hilarious! but that's a pretty ****** up insult!

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Why is that a fuc*ed up insult? You think people with Downs syndrome are insulting?

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Number 8 AKA Mexican Obama probably thought it was directed as an insult due to the guy laughing about it.

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Did my comment get moderated for calling number 8 a Mexican Obama?!?

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It's a f*cked up insult because people with down syndrome are not to be made fun of, the boyfriend insulted both a large group of people and his girlfreind.

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my brother is DS and he is perfect in every way along with many other DS children tell your boyfriend he is a ass hole because the mentally challenged are the greatest blessings of the world!!!!

i totally agree! that is a hella ****** up thing to say

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thankyou I love my brother he is the best cutest thing ever!!!

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I don't know what's so funny about insulting the mentally challenged they probably aren't as ugly as OP

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look I'm not saying that it's right or wrong to say that. but pleeease don't go all preachy on everyone here bc he referred her ****** face to DS person. it's a bad thing to say, we all know.. and we are glad you love your brother so much.

#9 Now I have nothing against mentally challenged people and I don't think that they are ugly or anything... But "perfect in every way"? "Greatest blessings of the world"??? Being mentally challenged is an imperfection (hence the "challenged" part). And being responsible for someone unable to fend for himself is not a blessing. You really don't do any favors to yourself or the mentally challenged by spouting ridiculous nonsense.

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they fend for themselves they aren't stupid they are blessings not curses put one in your family gain knowledge then open your mouth peabrain

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what would ever make you say that? on what grounds? please tell me how many special needs kids you're close to because i'll tell you that they are the sweetest, most loving people in the entire world. taking care of them might not be easy but its worth it, and you don't truly understand until you actually do it.

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it's not like u r doing favors for anyone either I'm speaking my mind you don't have to bitch to me about what I have to say I say what I think is necessary and important not favors so shut it

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I no about 15 mentally challenged kids that I hang out with and help one being my brother...

I'm not saying they are a curse or anything of the kind. I'm just pointing out the obvious nonsense in claiming that they (or actually anything ever) is "perfect in every way". And yes, I have a mentally challenged person in my family - my great-aunt's son. He is middle aged and has never been able to fend for himself (as in - he cannot have a job and make money for food and shelter), because he is... well... mentally challenged. His mother has basically dedicated her life to caring for him. Which can be a beautiful thing, but he can hardly be nominated for "greatest blessing of the world"

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well u can look at a relative as a burden or a wonderfull blessing ur choice

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we all have opinions and they are aloud to be different no need to tell someone they are wrong on an opinion

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I think that anyone who is born is a blessing. don't you guys know that children are one of the best things a parent can have in their life? it doesn't matter if they have a disease or not, it's the fact that they are alive that counts. I wouldn't look at a ds child as an imperfection. I honestly don't know how you could because nobody is perfect and we all have our own problems.

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down syndrome is not a disease but I do agree ALL children are blessings

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which is a reason i am prolife

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disease: an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning source: So DS is a disease. just saying:P Aside from that, I think all kids in life are blessings, I do disagree with the perfect in every way statement, but I won't bring up the buried hatchet by saying that no living thing is perfect. Yes, kids are blessings, even with DS or any other kind of disease, because on the inside they're still loving kids. :) I wish the best for your brother and hope he has an amazing life, as I hope you do. I think it's a great thing what you're doing:)

the people with down syndrome who I've met have been some of the funniest, caring, fun, and awesome people ever. it is not a disability at all.

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thank u I looked it up in the dictionary you were correct but I like disorder better because when you say disease people probably think of it as an unfortunate health problem that may or may not be cureable and may or may not kill you but u were correct sorry about that small mishap

Just because it's written doesn't necessary mean it's truth, it's a matter whether you believe in a higher being. Sure the guy might of sacrificed himself for his people but personally I do not believe of his/her or gods power. We are born equal at the end of the day and to dedicate yourself to a religion and praying/worshipping to a higher force is pointless in my eyes. History is sometimes flawed sometimes even if it's written in a book, it's not logical to assume that whatever is written really happened from believers who contributed to the bible.

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Kids with downs aren't perfect , as pointed out in a previous post. They are genetically inferior FACT. As for blessings and curses , religion never really interested me but I know from first hand experience its easier to raise a disease-free child than a diseased child. There was no reason to go all preachy other than the fact that you feel all high and mighty and better than everyone whos beliefs differ from yours. As for OP fyi , theres plenty more fish in the sea.

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I don't mind people with down syndrome but I tend to take in my surroundings and when get a quick look at one I feel guilty :/

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My aunt was Downs and we loved her to death. She was very funny and sweet. No one is getting "preachy" when they make a comment like " they are sweet blessings and angels." It's just how they feel. If you can't handle it;too bad. Don't go on long rants trying to prove how "intellectually inferior" Downs Syndrome people are; your intelligence shows and it's not a pretty sight. :)

#64 I understand your point of view but I know that there's a God that does everything for a reason. That he answers all of our prayers and he lights are way. :)

#20 - so now the OP is ok for you to insult because of what her boyfriend said? #50 - you mean like the opinion of her boyfriend?

Okay, they may not be perfect, but they're pretty darn close! Some of the most lovely people I've known have been ds. They're so sweet and caring! <3

just because someone has ds doesn't mean there the greatest blessing in the world. there people just like everyone else. so what if they don't function the same way. so saying there the greatest blessing in the world is the dumbest thing to say. like you may as well say I'm the greatest blessing in the world. (see sounds pretty dumb.) congrats your a moron. :)

You're* kind of a moron. There's a difference between "there," "they're," and "their."

I would've punched him in the face for not only insulting me but insulting Down Syndrome kids! (I don't have Down Syndrome, it's just not a nice thing to say!)

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well I would have kicked his ass for being one

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I know! my sis has it, thats offensive!

I'm sorry tht jackass had 2 be so mean to your probably very sweet sister wow he is mean dump his ass and find someone better honey!!

I wrote that for 122 by the way sorry lol

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tell him that his brother didn't say that when he got you to ******. no brother? name some other male relative.

"Your gramps thought I look sweet!" I'd pay money to see his reaction to a line like that.

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Might as well add that you're slutty and got a disease now too!