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  lollipopXx  |  0

I live in Oklahoma as well and I'm also stuck at home due to the blizzard, with very little to eat.. I can't leave because my car does not handle very well on ice and snow covered roads. OP, I know how you feel.

  Kimitte  |  1

I don't think she could ask her neighbors. I mean, the snow covered everywhere and she can't get out the house. No one can get out. Well, I don't know. Just saying from what I learned from this FML. (:

  ScreamingMimi  |  0

While I agree with that she should have planned better and been prepared, I'm not sure why it would be an emergency for you? Unless she called you up in a panic asking you to bring her pads and toilet paper.


some women get their periode on the least expected moments. not everyone has a menstrual cycle of 28 days. or maybe she recently stopped using the pill and they arrived sooner than expected.

yes, the blizzard might have been announced, the bleeding might have not.

By  penguinazul  |  13

First: Do I need to direct you to the post about the girl who bleeds in her roommate's bed when she doesn't have her supplies ready? YDI YDI YDI. Always have SOMETHING in stock.

Second: Towels and washcloths work, as do paper-towels and kleenex. Better get creative.

  penguinazul  |  13

Exactly, If you don't know when you're going to get it, that's a PERFECT reason to always have pads/tampons in stock. She knows she's going to have a period EVENTUALLY, unless she has a condition or is under treatment that prevents her from having a period. It's not like they expire after long periods of not using them. Every girl has run out of pads/tampons at some point, but it's ALWAYS a YDI situation unless someone stole your feminine hygiene products. Unless you're a female under the age of 8 or over the age of 50 (generally when puberty/menopause starts), or like I said, have a medical condition/treatment that prevents menstruation from occurring, then you will be guaranteed to have a period at some point in your life. Be prepared for it.