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Today, my boyfriend went down on me. I don't know why, but my mind wandered. He now thinks that he has the skills of a porn star, while I'm pretty sure that finally solving a mathematical problem I've been working on for a week caused me to orgasm. FML
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oj101 33

I see that he satisfied the equation.

how does a math problem make you orgasm...?


how does a math problem make you orgasm...?

My ex used to talk nerdy to me to get me in the mood. Anything from Chemistry to Physics to software to videogames.

Rainhawk94 27

hey! Whatever works for you ...

TyT63 12

I feel like she's not giving him credit cause no one in my maths has ever O'd causa an equation

Get this to 69 likes!!!

I present you the final like for the target: 69!

Doesn't mather, had sex

Since she was trying to figure it out for a week, I would assume it was the excitement of finally figuring it out. That plus the pleasure going on down there equals orgasm.

perdix 29

#1, what's the square root of 69? 8-something. Was that good for you?

#20 FAR FAR FAR too much information!

Because math is great to some of us

Like if you understood perdix's reference to Drake's ridiculous lyric.

#46 is now on -69 likes.

There's sex in numbers, and numbers in sex.

#20 - how about Klingon?

Math phone sex: can you solve me now?

oj101 33

I see that he satisfied the equation.

\ 28

He completed the square.

Kristoffer 35

But did he satisfy both sides of it?

But after that did they add up the x and y?

#72 - I now understand and appreciate your joke. I'm sorry I thumbed you down.

you figured out how to solve your orgasm problem. if it was a problem.

that was the best, most creative comment I've ever seen *slow clap*

#26 Then you should see my creative comments. They include these timeless classics: "Lol." "Hahaha." "YDI" "thats a shitty situation" "First!" and the best of the best "He's a keeper!"

you forgot my personal favorite - "dump him/her"

Aren't we all forgetting: "Sue that asshole!"

Don't forget "I hope you mean Ex...".

And of course, the ever-popular "that sucks"

expertsmilee 26

Or my personal favorite, "The elderly strike again!"

Whatever it takes to make it work ;)

must have been a hard equation.

What was the problem?

good question

ktiskool 18

Math? Of all things, math? Why not something normal like Johnny Depp?

You would be surprised how many people get turned on by nerdy things tbh...

That negative number under the radical sign turns me on. Oh yeah, you naughty number. You're not supposed to be there but you are. You are just a sexy little number. It's like you're not even real.


totally read that it peter griffins voice, Idk if that was intended or not though, and the giggity after kinda topped it off haha.

Actually, to add my 2c, it's very possible that letting your mind wander caused you to orgasm, not solving the math problem. Orgasms can kind of be like watching a pot boil. Concentrating on 'Can I feel it yet? How 'bout now? ... Now?' can distract you.

Was just about to leave this exact same comment. Concentrating too hard on sex can often have the opposite effect to what you intend. Letting your mind wander a bit is actually more helpful than overthinking it, especially in that position where I find it's easy to feel self conscious and worry that you're not enjoying it enough/haven't come yet, etc. Not thinking about it can calm you and relax you enough that you're able to orgasm.

rhcpgurl 18

That must be the nerdiest thing I've ever heard in my life.

#10, you hear messages that you read on the Internet?

#58, you take everything you read on the internet literally?

It's possible! Ever heard of text-to-speech #58?