By Jessika - 07/08/2009 09:18 - United Kingdom

Today, I finished a ballet class with a group of seven-and-unders. Afterwards, a new student's mother came up to me and thanked me, saying she was glad that her daughter had a "role model with a, ahem, fuller figure" and "not to worry about my weight." I have never thought I was fat before. FML
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You know, from a ballet standpoint, a lot of the woman are sticks. Maybe you just have a curvy figure, and she's happy her daughter can look up to someone with curvy hips instead of a coat hanger.

If you don't think you're fat then don't worry.


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I think the mom meant that she is not anorexic like most ballerinas

You know, from a ballet standpoint, a lot of the woman are sticks. Maybe you just have a curvy figure, and she's happy her daughter can look up to someone with curvy hips instead of a coat hanger.

I agree. Everyone now a-days in magazines, movies, etc, are a size 0-2, and if they gain any weight at all, its plastered all over tabloids. Quit feeling sad for yourself, OP. You're probably a real woman with real curves, and it's something to be proud of, not ashamed of. She never said, "Oh, I'm glad there's a fat girl in the class!"

yay for big tits! ;)

Baw, I was just about to say just that, 4 and 22 (and 10 makes a good point too). Except, also, OP, don't judge yourself on how others see you. If you don't think you're fat, especially if you're doing ballet, then you're not. Nobody fucking knows what fat is anymore.

Exactly. The ideal ballet body is incredibly rigid: long, lean muscles, (structurally) small hips, small chest, highly arched instep, short-ish torso. One ballet dancer (totally blanking on her name right now) even gets criticized within the community for having large feet! I don't think it was a dig at all. You pretty much have to win the genetic lottery to look like that (though, personally, I'd never want a tiny chest. heh.) and the mother realizes that that is not a realistic image for her daughter to look up to. The mother seems to just want her mother daughter to know that girls can become wonderful dancers even if they don't have the ideal ballet body. Many girls, and especially women who are late-starters and dance with younger girls, report feeling very self-conscious about their bodies, so that's probably where the comment about the weight came into play.

Gillian Murphey is the one who gets shit for her huge feet. when actually, they're awesome because they create such a long beautiful line!

#56: Unfortunately, it's the "ahem" bit that really makes the dig. It's a bit unnecessary on that mother's part.

to some of these comments: you know, some chicks can't help being skinny "toothpicks" and having small tits, and this kind of dissing on either side sucks. Full figures are beautiful...but did you ever think maybe the skinny girls are jealous too, and maybe you should lay off instead of making them feel worse?

woow. it really sucks when people say stuff like "real women have curves." wtf are you talking about? are you saying that women who are naturally petite and skinny and cant gain weight no matter how much they eat arent "real woman" ? everytime i hear that it makes me feel worse and worse. so (and i mean this in the nicest way possible) fuck you.

You can be skinny and have curves. Ever heard of the "hour glass" figure? Also, as a teeny girl myself, I am having no offense taken by any of this, and think they are right. So fuck you, too. c:

so girls who cant get an hourglass figure arent "real women" ?

so girls who cant get an hourglass figure arent "real women" ?

No, you twit. The point was that girls who starve themselves aren't real women.

k well thats not what it said. it said real women have curves. you "twit". and also just cause your skinny doesnt mean you dont eat..

no but if you dont eat the you will probably end up skinny. the "real woman" thing is just a stereotype created to dispel the whole fashion for being skinny, if you think about it there cant be a single "real woman" as theres too much variety, so it can only be a generic image which we obviously cant all conform to. what it means by real woman is real stereotypical woman, since the obvious stereotypical womanly features are boobs and stuff. saying that the only right body is one with a figure is no better than saying we should all be skinny, either way youre going to alienate a larger proportion of the population whose genes dont permit them to conform to the stereotype. either way its all crap.

ugggh or however you spell it... don't be a bitch.:D

If you don't think you're fat then don't worry.

If you didn't think so, then don't start? Some people think someone is fat if you can't hang your clothes on the hip bone...

Considering professional dancers starve themselves to death, you probably count as full-figured just by not having ribs that stick out.

don't worry about it, I can't believe the woman would say something like that before knowing how you feel about your body!

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a friend of mine was kicked out of the ballet program because 'her chest was too big'. she didn't even fill an A cup. you honestly have nothing to worry about -- ballet is notorious for anorexia and other such issues. be proud that you can show these kids that REAL women can dance!

even if ur 10 pounds underweight, ur still considered fat in ballet.