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Today, someone stole my iPhone. I used the Find My iPhone app, and located it in the apartment building next to mine. I can hear the ringing sound I've activated, but nobody will answer the door. FML
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That's because they are on the other side loading the shotgun. Be smart, call the police.

A little door shouldn't stop you. Put your hip to the door an repeat "One, two, better not sue!" and smash it open with your hip


That's because they are on the other side loading the shotgun. Be smart, call the police.

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14) Unless your phone is your heart or your brain, you'll survive.

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Can you call the cops for this? Not being sarcastic, I just don't know anyone who's ever called cops when their phone went missing. But then again, I only know two people who lost their phone and neither one of them called the cops. They just got new phones.

Someone stole your property, yes you can call the cops!

55, yes you can. Obviously not the emergency line but the local one for minor stuff. I have done it before for the same reason. You don't know who you could be dealing with, and at least cops are trained to deal with all walks of life and situations.

I know someone who used the tracking device on their iPhone, called the police, and they went and retrieved it for her.

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It's larceny it is a 700 dollar phone.

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Better yet, break in then call the cops. Foolproof.

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I'm a bit curious as to how you used an app on the phone that was taken from you.

69- I think that you could find your phone via iCloud, but this is just a guess.

75 is correct. You go online from a computer, log into your apple account, and access your phone from there.

Now that's what I call caller ID! You caught those phony unsSIMpathetic assholes in the act!

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It's the mustache, it gives him magical pun powers.

Pleonasm- phony?! C'mon man! That should've been iPhony!!

22- It must be the moustache; I always go through my puns with a fine-comb. 25- And phony already implies phone so I didn't see the necessity for adding the "i," I guess that's just me though! Well, maybe it would've set a better tone and made more of a buzz that way!

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It's a phone-y mustache. Nothing about it rings true. You should probably try to cell it while you can. Edit: Crap yall beat me to it with some of the puns

A little door shouldn't stop you. Put your hip to the door an repeat "One, two, better not sue!" and smash it open with your hip

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Seven eight, it's gonna break! Nine ten, only a bend... Eleven twelve, I'll use shelve! ...I like to count. EDIT: Damn you tourette's guy! I have two extras in place as a contingency plan...

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If you are sure nobody is in, kick the door in and get it!

Be awkward if the iPhone wasn't there... Whoops wrong floor.

That has actually happened to me... I lost my iPod and used that app to find it, but where it was located I could hear it but it was UBS random storage closet at school (no idea how it got there) but eventually someone cane and unlocked it! Don't worry OP, someone will come eventually!

10- to your about me: I don't hate him I don't like his music but I don't hate it, what i do hate is a bunch of 14 year olds who scream and cry when they see him and how obsessive they can be.

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These comments are incredibly irrelevant...

Adding to the irrelevancy, anyone read any good books lately?

Actually, yes! Over the Edge of the World: Magellan's Circumnavigation of the Globe. It was a great and suspenseful read!

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Get some snacks and camp out by the door...they have to come out sometime!

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Haven't you ever seen cops?!? Forget the window these idiots will tunnel out with a spoon!

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They stole your Iphone. I suggest you get a pitchfork, a torch, and break down the door!

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NOBODY is scared of a pitchfork and a damn torch! .. Unless Frankenstein stole the phone!

Forget about the iphone there will be a newer version out next week. Joke will be on him when you have the newer classier version that looks the same and has very minor changes and costs just as much!

Yea but it was still pricey. It's a Apple product.

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Android phones are the ones that come out every week... iPhones are prices with barely any differences but only a new one every year >.>

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Well androids arrn't made by one company, and have OPTIONS.

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Um. No.. The jokes on OP cause the bastard that stole his would get a free iPhone! xD

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Is there really a newer version of iPhone coming out soon?

#106 Yup the Iphone 5s now with a bigger screen and a higher resolution camera and an iphone 5s only app! Only £499 and because we know you love it looks the same!