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Today, while trucking, I got stuck in traffic on a congested highway. After 15 minutes of mind-numbing boredom, I glanced down at the car beside me, only to witness the driver changing her tampon and flicking the old one onto the highway. I can't unsee this. FML
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At least it wasn't in her mouth.

taniamw 9

How are some people so unhygienic? I just don't understand!


taniamw 9

How are some people so unhygienic? I just don't understand!

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taniamw 9

If it was desperate times, at least try and be more discreet....

She surely could have waited 15 minutes till she got to the next gas station and used the rest room! What a classy bitch! Eww!

Not desperation, but merely feeding precious iron and minerals to unfortunate animals that find themselves on the road. Thoughtful old woman she is!

dontpanic_fml 32

#4, it did not need to be done in full view of fellow motorists, and she most certainly did not need to litter her tampon.

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I have done this... On a 8 hour drive. But in my defense, it was night time, and I chose to do it when there were no cars around me. I didn't want to stop at a truck stop because 1. I was just 1.5 hrs away from home and 2. It was 10 p.m. and I was passing through pretty secluded part of LA and as a girl, didn't feel comfortable enough to stop. Edit: I did not "litter" the street, I had a trash bag and I used hand sanitizer afterwards.

#39 so basically your story is nothing like this FML

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And this is why you should wear pads during long trips.

Ew I wouldn't want to be sitting on a big thick pad during a long road trip.

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Yeah, any woman that's on her period and is knowingly going on a trip in the car for any extended period of time, should be smart enough to wear a pad. @68 I would rather be sitting on a big thick pad, then cleaning my seat afterwards.

Wearing a pad on a long trip sounds horribly uncomfortable, and if you have to change it without getting off the road, you're ******. It would make much more sense to wear a cup, which can last up to 12 hours, maybe with a thin pad/cloth pad/liner as backup. Who says she was on a long trip anyway?

FFML_314 11

If you're bleeding through a tampon that bad, to the point where you need to change it when you're in the car and it's been less than an hour, then clearly she should be wearing a pad! So, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt, by assuming she had been in the car for an extended period of time. I figured that would be just as obvious to everyone else. Apparently not. Regardless of her situation, that's disgusting. (Referring to the girl in the story)

FFML_314 11

LOL, I'm going to go ahead and let you keep scratching your head on this one.

skyttlz 32

After having a pad on for a while you don't feel it. So I'd have no problem sitting on one during a car ride.

Please let your conversation continue. I love this delightfully classy monologue about your period rituals.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

91- until it gets full, that is. I don't know about the other women here, but I have a heavy flow, and it made wearing pads absolute hell cause after maybe an hour or so I would feel uncomfortable. I'd much rather be wearing a tampon with a back up pantiliner in that case. If it leaks, it leaks. At least the tampon stems some of the flow rather than it gushing out freely. There's no denying that what the driver did is disgusting, though. It's not nearly as unsanitary than say, taking a shit on the side of the road.

I'm now questioning why I keep following these threads.

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51, it was more of a response to #1 and others who didn't think anyone else does that. Thanks for being a jackass, though.

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Maybe I don't understand how the tampon life goes...but was it supersaturated and HAD to be changed before the 1.5 hours of risking ruining clothing?

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The thing is she might of not put it in immediately before getting in the car...

Well if changing a tampon in a car isn't a close enough story of another girl changing a tampon in a car, then yes.

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I understand when OP said I can't unsee this. Because after thumbing through these comment I have learned things that I never wanted to know about and now I can't unread this :-(

I know not everyone is for birth control, but doesn't it also help with the flow and how long a period lasts?

free2speak 14

If you really wanna know, I put my tampon in 2 hours before the drive... (I was actually delayed... Family didn't want me to go and all) and you're not supposed to wear the tampon for more than 6 hours for the risk of TSS, even though its rare. My tampon wasn't completely soaked through but I just felt uncomfortable and wanted to change without stopping. It is much simpler than changing a pad and it's pretty quick and easy. Plus, you only touch the string and the plastic applicator so it's not that unhygienic either.

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#170 please just stop, I didn't need to know the details... Personally i still think its unhygienic and gross to be changing it in view of traffic goers. I'm a woman and am trying to understand, but that's just not happening.

taniamw 9

Oh and also I feel sorry for all the males reading this thinking wtf? Lol. Too much information in one thread!!

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I'm with you, 172. That's disgusting and completely unnecessary. How lazy are you, 170?

DenBriZel 31

or people could just do what I do when going on a long trip... wear a tampon AND a pad. problem solved.

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Need a way to do multiple thumbs up... Definetly getting TMI

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At least it wasn't in her mouth.

OH YEAHHA like that giavonna Powell girl that sucked her Tampa!

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May the Giovanna Plowman comments commence.

No. Don't mention it. You'll only encourage more freaks to do the same for attention.

At least she wasn't having sex with a dog.... But putting a used tampon in your mouth is gross as ****.

My uncle was a trucker. He told me at truck stop he saw a hooker hop out of one truck, squat down over a puddle, and splash herself off. Then hop into the next truck.

These are the most disgusting comments I've ever seen on FML.

ShananaginsLOL 13

At least she didn't eat it like that YouTube video

free2speak 14

Okay so I didn't know about this girl and only through FML community, I now know that such a girl exists; however, if there is one thing the Internet has taught me, it is that I must resist the curiosity. And this case, I most definitely will.

Cyanide03 7

It's definitely best if you do. You cannot unsee the grossness.

Jessj958 19

Do you think that video is real? I let my curiosity get the best of me and I checked it out but I have to wonder if she REALLY did that. If so, that's so disgusting!

skyttlz 32

The throwing up part was very fake and I'm pretty sure the tampon was fake too. Not the tamp but the "blood"

Ok...thank you all for letting me know about this. I will have to go watch this now, so I can eventually gross my brother out. He got me with 2 girls 1 cup. Now THAT is the nastiest thing I've ever seen. I've been waiting to get him back for quite some time ;)

I'm so glad I'm not a curious cat. Might be scarred for life if I've seen any of those videos.

damn my curiosity... I come across more and more disturbing things to Google with each fml I read

free2speak 14

Ah, man, y'all have got my curiosity perked now! I really wanna know if it was real. Still bordering on "Nope" though.

twilightriforce 10

That is very gross. Did she even realize she was around other people?

TheRandomIndian 17

I'm not sure, but she was caught red handed in her unhygienic act!

All I have to say is ew. But she should have worn a tampon and a pad that way she could wait until the rest stop to change it without leaking.

Look on the bright side, at least the used tampon didn't come flying through your window.

At least she didn't throw the used Tampon at your truck

Did you think about seeing what would happen if you honked?

TheRandomIndian 17

Well considering she's stupid enough to change her tampon during traffic on the highway, she would probably call him a pervert and maybe sue him for looking.

Oh no #8 it would have been a bloody mess..

Now that i think about it, were was she going to put it?

Ummm, free peep show? I'm sorry I can't really put a positive spin on this. It's just one of those things people think are ok when really they're not.

It's FML's like this that make me grateful for my strong stomach.. Both because of the FML and the Giavoni comments to follow...

Yeah don't want to be a sissy on the Internet and throw up over something you can't see...right?

79, Look up 2 girls 1 cup and come back and say your not a sissy. Haha

TheDrifter 23

I think that's actually worse than the masturbating, obese senior I saw in traffic last week. Good find op.

TheDrifter 23

Yup. When you sit high enough to see in all the windows and sunroofs, you get to see just how disgusting the people of the world can be. Of course you also get to see how many women in short skirts drive with their knees spread wide, so it's almost a fair trade.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Why wasn't this an FML? It definitely deserves to be one.

Thanks for the warning. I mean, I know truck drivers are up higher than all of us, but I don't know why I never thought about my sunroof...