By nipman - 25/04/2011 19:12 - United States

Today, my grandpa who is staying with us mistook me for a Japanese soldier and started to hit me with a bat. This is the second night in a row. FML
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just be glad he didn't have a flame thrower


yaaa first comment

yaaa, you need a bat to the head!

Thats like that old show on Nick (when Nick wasn't for homosexuals) Drake and Josh.

rallets 22

flashbacks perhaps

i thought Drake and Josh was recent?..and I always thought it was gay...unless I read your comment wrong

More like bombing time...

ahahahahah this made me lmfao ;)

59- your picture made me throw up =

look who's talking 68

68, jeez, mulan really let herself go...

they sleep together?

The irony is, he served in Germany.

He should hide the damn bat. Or anything that can be used as a weapon.

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just be glad he didn't have a flame thrower

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haha :)

Damn bro you better stop looking so Asian or he is going to keep beating your ass.

He's a war veteran, huh? But.. don't they have like therapy for that flashback thing? What do you call it again? To Google!

it's called post traumatic stress disorder

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WWII veterans mostly went undiagnosed because PTSD wasn't acknowledged as a real disorder. Even today, many service people wont take advantage of treatment options because it looks bad for their career.

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At that time they called it shell shock. Standard treatment was a short stress leave sort of recovery followed by a readaptation period to get them used to society. A far as I could find out the flashbacks are incurable mental damage, but diminish within a decade only to resurface in the elderly.

before my grandfather passed away we had to make sure there was never anything on his night stand when he went to bed. he had a tendency to throw things in his sleep, thinking they were grenades.

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PTSD is not something to take lightly. I have PTSD and so does my father. I have treated mine with therapy (it was not war caused). My father has his as he was stationed in Germany to help when the Berlin wall fell, he was in Desert Storm, and he served 2 tours in Iraq, plus when he's home he is on the police force. He's seen a lot and as such developed PTSD. Certain triggers will set off PTSD episodes (flashbacks and the like). You need to learn what triggers set off your Grandfather's and try to minimize them. If it is dreams, keep sharp objects and blunt objects out of his reach at night.

My ex is a ranger and he was PTSD. it's pretty bad he has to take ambien (a sleeping drug) at night or else he has trouble going to sleep, but even then sometimes he can't sleep. when we were together and i stayed with him he said he slept better because he was with someone he trusted and didn't feel so unsafe. he even used to sleep with a gun under his pillow.

that was on Drake & Josh. just saying.

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tht show was the best

so? I mistook mine for my girlfriend one night. shit was real awkward the next morning


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You need to stfu. The people who actually get first are the ones who don't think they got it. Moderation is key. ;)

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Rage much?

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Watch out, he's gonna nuke u 2morrow night

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12 hahaha

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I know a bats painful, but try to be understanding to him. imagine reliving a nightmarish war over and over. just be creative and pad yourself up. oh and I would deffinantley wear a helmet of sorts. even when your sleeping.

Jrefinne 7

*bat's, definitely, you're. Now you know.

oh my god mistakes were made in this post! how ever can we thank you?

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Cause I defiantly couldn't read it before!

lmaoatall 6

fuck off 16! could you read that?

congrats you won the fml spelling bee

Jrefinne 7

Looks like someone "defiantly" doesn't understand the concept of constructive criticism. Or, should I say, several someones.

lmaoatall 6

constructive criticism, that's not what you were saying! you're bats!

Jrefinne 7

You may not like it, but this time it worked!

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Only Nazis like each other and in the end were owned so BAM!

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OMFG, people it's a god damn entertainment app/ website. Fuck off and stop being a stuck up bitch. All of you get your heads out of your asses and make comments pertaining to the FML instead of personal gain. If your life sucks and you have to take it out on people, right a fucking FML.

Jrefinne 7

*write. Bet you didn't see that coming.

jrefinne is write all you peepl need two stop hating grammer nazzees and chek you're grammer; i reely hat wen peepl insalt othur grammar naziis. you all need too fuc of!

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This argument is over, assholes. Grammar Nazi wins, the rest of you lose.

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lmao 108

#16 tonight you should go lay on the highway or mabye just quite being such a little bitch