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Today, my boyfriend dumped me by text at 1:30 am because he didn't want to give me "the dread of answering a phone call." When I asked him for an explanation, his reply was, "For what?" FML
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dva976 7

You're better off. If he doesn't have the balls and decency to confront you in person to tell you something like that.

eigelste 0

1 30 am I think he was with another girl


dva976 7

You're better off. If he doesn't have the balls and decency to confront you in person to tell you something like that.

Pixxio_O 11

Instead, he's got a vajayjay which he's trying to hide from you.

csickcman 11

OP. are you sure it wasn't his mother writing the text? I've seen it before.

kewlkate 9

He could have been out with friends and they were maybe pranking you? It's a possibility and makes sense because he didn't want to talk over the phone, either.

To be honest depending on situation cause idk. im just gonna say ydi because of you girls loving the retarded assholes. no nice guys for youuu.

12 wasn't there an FML on that last week?

YDI!!! I love the way women think! they are attracted to assholes and then they are shocked when they act like assholes.

Why does it take "balls" to tell someone that you don't want to be with them? And breaking up is never "decent".

Redoxx_fml 22

He didn't want to wake you. Be grateful.

Read the FML!! he didn't want to answer her call nothing about calling her!! and she was awake if he read it at 130 am!!

Shafreeka 8

That's really not what the FML said.

musicluvr2000 11

He has enough dignity to not wake you up

If he didn't want to wake her up he would sms her in the morning. he is just the type of guy that we call "smooth peanut-butter" cos He Got No Nuts

If he'd had balls he would of told her to her face.

musicluvr2000 11

Ikr FYI I was being sarcastic lol

The correct word should be 'decency' anyway.

SaMmIMonster96 6

Shew, breakup texts always suck. :/ sorry OP

Are you sure it wasn't a mis-text? He could've meant that he was taking a dump at 1:30 AM! If I know what us guys like, you should have gone over there and given him the ceremonial blumpkin!!!

Mearemoi 14

Why would someone text their girlfriend about taking a dump? At 1:30 AM too!

I notice a lot of your comments get thumbed down... Maybe you should stop commenting unless you like getting thumbed down.

No, no... He's posted some funny ones. He's a mime after all, not everyone appreciates them and they are hard to understand :/

Breaking up over text is really immature! If he's not 'man' enough to do it in person then he just might be a female.

I don't know why people thumbed you down. That's actually a valid point. Breaking up with someone via text message is extremely immature. Haters gonna hate though I guess.

Because his comment is degrading women. Cut the stereotypes and baseless legends on women's immaturity, incapacity, weaknesses and blah; truth is, if you want to use 'man' as a measure of toughness, then many women can be considered 'man-er' than all you men. The OP had a sucky bf does not equal to he's a female. Your analogy is very insulting for women. What the hell rubbish ideologies did you grow up with.

52- you fail hard. The joke is that he's so not a man that the dial spins in a 180 and lands in the opposite gender.

maronofhearts 19

Says the guy with the -15 comment rating

People are way too serious. It was supposed to insult the guy, not women in general. You see one thing that could be even slightly degrading and start bitching. Feminists really get on my ******* nerves. As a woman, I have no problem saying that in the strength department I am not equal to a man. Regardless, it'd be less offensive to just say that OP's ex-boyfriend isn't a man in general since people have to get butt hurt over insulting a douchebag.

ninjuh_wingman 29

He was busy changing his tampon so he only had time to text you rather than have a conversation.