By ThatSlappinBass - United States - Pawtucket
Today, a friendly game of Cards Against Humanity somehow ended in a screaming match, my best friend's mother pulling out her tits, and me getting bit in the foot by a dog. FML
ThatSlappinBass tells us more :
Hey guys, OP here! Yes, it did start off as a friendly game- we all have a really sick sense of humor, so the worse the cards got, the more we laughed. Right around the last two hands, my best friend's mother started screaming at her husband for "cheating" and then everyone got involved on both sides, and then tits were pulled out, and the phrase, "Suck these nipples!" was shouted. The dog is just a brat, but it added to the chaos. We all laughed after, but that's an image you never forget.
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  cari_cat  |  19

I'm sure I'm thinking of a previous FML here, but I remember reading about someone having to explain what a fleshlight was to their mother during a game of cards against humanity. Monopoly rage just can't compete with that awkwardness.