By BuspassBob - 10/09/2012 16:48 - United States

Today, I found out that the car I got a great deal on a few days ago, needs a new transmission. I'm now the proud owner of a very large and very expensive paperweight. FML
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That is probably why you got a good deal!

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Most definitely the reason! But wouldn't you have the car inspected before purchasing?

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You sir, would have been perfect for a Carfax commercial.

That's why you get a good mechanic to check over it all before you finalize the purchase!

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@31, you don't need a mechanic to look over a car. Anyone who has any sense at all can tell the quality of a car. I have never bought a piece of Junk, because I always inspect (thoroughly) my own vehicles.

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Inspect it!? OP probably didn't even test drive it!

38-Not everyone knows about cars. I wouldn't know if something was really wrong unless it was completely obvious because cars aren't my thing and I basically only know how to drive, put in gas, check/add oil, and the random little things like that. And also, your profile pic screams your arrogance and your comment does the same.

And when things seem to good to be true, do it anyways and suffer the consequenses. Apparently

OP, your best bet is going to junk yards. Hopefully you'll be able to save money that way. Oh, next time, have one of your trusted mechanics test drive and inspect it :-).

jisaac09 25

See, this is a sign of the decline of modern civilization. My comment was about how anyone can learn to buy a quality used car and I get down votes. 68 confessed his/her ignorance about automobiles and people thumb up it. If anyone has the intelligence to make it in this world without needing adult supervision they can learn (easily) how to tell the quality of a car. It would take three-five paragraphs to teach you what major things to look for in a used car. Rust- Self explanatory. The frame/lines/body. Drivetrain (engine, transmission, rear end)- Check to see if there is any leaking, where it is leaking (some are simple to fix) and any non normal noise. If it is whining then that is usually a bad sign. Look at/smell the fluids-milky or smell of burnt is (naturally) a bad sign. Does it smoke? How well does it move itself? If it does not, it probably isn't a good vehicle. Electrical- check the wires, does everything work? Simple stuff Body- Major dents or rust? This can potentially be an expensive fix. Interior- I shouldn't have to explain this. Mostly, it is just that simple. The thinks I left are not usually too expensive to fix (wheel bearings, etc). Noise is the main thing, you can usually hear if something is wrong with a vehicle. Tl;DR- It does not take a mechanic to determine the quality of a machine.

Try to find a used transmission but with a good warranty

You've gotta do your research when you are buying a car! If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't let the dealer fool you!

I'm guessing he's not that mechanically inclined. The tranny (depending on the vehicle) shouldn't be more then 1000$ used if that. And you usually can find one friend who knows how to put one on. If not, it's usually only a few bolts an YouTube has tons of vids

I don't know what car transmission you are talking about for 1,000. But for mine. New is about 6,000-7,000 and used is about 3,500-4,000. I don't know where you can get a used transmission for 1,000. And this is only a 4 speed automatic transmission.

Buddy of mine just replaced the tranny on his excursion for 700$. You can get em that cheap. Maybe its just not as often as I thought.

And I was also assuming since it was a cheap buy that the car was older. But look on Craigslist right now. Trannys going for less then 1000 all over. At least in my state.

A used tranny would be about $1000 but there is no warrenty on a used tranny and rebuilt one is ussually about $1000 less then a new one and new ones very from about $3500 for a 3 speed standard to over $10000 for ur more expensive cars and it is not something you can do without special tools and sound mechanical knowledge

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Why does everyone think you need to be super special to be a mechanic. I am a mechanic, it is not difficult. You only need a basic knowledge of anything to change a part. Basic parts, including most transmission (rear wheel drive) can be done buy anyone who can turn a bolt. The only thing that separates everybody/mechanic from a good mechanic is 1. The ability to diagnose problems and 2. Tricks to make a task easier. Take the driveshaft loose, disconnect the shifter and any cooling lines and then unbolt the bell housing bolts and torque converter and it should drop free. There may be little odds and ends to take loose (slave cylinder/starter/etc) I can explain it in a paragraph, it is not that hard. Also, a Dodge Grand Caravan transmissions can be purchased for around $1500 with a lifetime/100,000 mile warranty (or unlimited mileage/year) any day of the week. Once again though, I will get down voted for telling people they can do mechanic work.

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My mom's tranny is going out in her 2003 Ford escape and to get a new tranny to get a new one and get installed it would be about $2000

Is there not a lemon policy? I know you can't take car backs, but aren't there laws for this?

That's of u buy it from a store not some guy on a corner

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In Massachusetts lemon laws apply to private sales as well.

Yeah there is but most people come here to wine and that's it...

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Lemon policy? What's that? Mmmm i want lemons... *Q*

43 I think that's the wrong number. I am pretty sure it's 1-800i'madumbass

I bet you dial those digits an awful lot. Eh, 67?

Or go to (just kidding, don't go there)

Lemon laws only apply if the same part fails 3 times under warrenty

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The deal wasnt so "great" after all.

Maybe you can sell it and make a little profit? I don't know. FYL.

Yeah. And screw the next guy over? What a benevolent person you are!

Well. He's pretty much ******. I was just thinking on the positive side of things. Turns out there aren't any.

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Unless he sells to a Auto Dismantler. They could buy the car and strip it to sell the good parts. OP only states transmission is screwed.

Anyone with have a brain would never buy a used car without having it checked out thoroughly even if it's through a private deal. YDI for not having it checked out before you bought it.

Harsh, and terribly worded, but true. A car is a major purchase. Never buy one without thoroughly inspecting, reasearching, and investigating. Know what you're getting into. Nobody deserves to get ripped off but it's up to us to protect ourselves from that so Y sort of DI. See if the seller folds under threat of legal recourse. He might cough up half to be rid of you.

With half a brain. I can't believe I wrote that... I'm a dumbass..

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lemon laws! idk if every state has that or what the stipulations are, but I'd look into that.

Check out for more information

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Making sure that you're getting a sound car can be tricky sometimes if you are able to take it back be sure to do a check over on the next one.

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There are plenty of stupid people out there. I'm sure you can sell the car to someone else!

Then he is no better than the individual who sold it to him.