By life_isnt_fair - 09/03/2011 08:27 - United States

Today, my boyfriend called me and dumped me. Thirty minutes later he called asking for me back. When I asked why, he said "The other girl dumped me." FML
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your boyfriend sounds like a ******** you don't need him anyway


kcnutt10 1

Holy shit! Should you be on this site?!? You look like you're 10!

holy shit! should you both be on this site, you look like 2 morons

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tjv3 10

lmfaoo , ydi for making him cheat in the first place .

your boyfriend sounds like a ******** you don't need him anyway

oh : that sucks , you don't need him anyone ,don't take him back =P

If she doesn't want to, then trust me she wouldn't be on FML, she'll be on FHL.

I hope you didn't get back with him, he sounds like a ********.

thats like getting dumped twice, she rejected the person who rejected u

that sucks you don't need him and apparently the other girl doesn't either

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Lots of Aussie women are sexy as hell. this is just another example, plus she is from my home town.

marlie I gotta admit, I look like a pork scratching dropped out of a tramps arse compared to you. why be so pretty... bitch. lol joke :) but seriously, I hate you.

FYLDeep 25

If you take him back, you're retarded.