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Today, I went out with my family and boyfriend for dinner. We were all having a good time, and suddenly at the end of dinner he decides to kneel down on one knee, take out an engagement ring, and say "I choose you, Pikachu," with a straight face. He was serious. FML
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Aw thats so cute, did you say yes?


dudeitsdanny 9

It IS completely nerdy. I would totally propose to a girl like that.. If it hadn't been posted on here, I'd take the idea =P

Sounds like a good idea...a girl who be lucky to have a funny and charming guy.....go for it

girandwogpig 0

Anyone else think the OP is being a bitch? I think the fact that he proposed to you WITH A RING, is already better than most FML's here.

Basically we'll all hate you if you said no.

"...She said yes And I said wow And she said when And I said how about right now Love can't wait Then I asked if she believed in fate And she said yes..." I'm taking a wild guess here that this is what u guys wanted her to do? :P

Pokemon is the BEST!!!!!!!!!! If I ever get proposed to I hope it happens like this! No joke! I'd be stoked!

ME TOO! And that is honestly soo cute! You are lucky to have him, girl. Why are you posting this on FML?

You guys are all ******* stupid. I can guarantee I play more pokemon than most of you here but I'm not so dense as to be unable to understand the difference between a serious matter and humor. Proposing to someone should not be turned into a joke. This is how they will always remember their matrimonial relationship beginning. Wouldn't a romantic sentiment be a lot more special than a stupid joke that isn't all that funny to begin with?

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Ugh. He PROPOSED to you. He wants to spend the rest of his LIFE with you. And you're bitching because he didn't ask you in a non-nerdy way?! Enjoy your ******* cats then, because you suck.

Too bad it wasn't a pokeball over facebook instead of a ring, that said BITCH, I CHOOSE YOU

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lol i agree...nerdy but very cute ( pokemon is awesome xD ) i think it's an awesome way to propose to someone it could be like an inside joke or a cute, unique story to tell when you're older

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Humor is usually a pretty great thing in a relationship.

Hahaha, your comment's funny, and I love that song!

aw very cute. ur guy is awesum. u had better have said yes

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i think it's cute too...and honestly, if you're marrying should have expected that. just sayin'

Maybe he was just really nervous, and added the "pikachu" because he was freaking out? If you were having a great time, he's probably a good guy. Hope you said yes! ;)

Edenbeam 19

I agree. It's not a FML. He was being funny. A sense of humour is a GOOD thing.

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I'm still taking the idea....

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Say yes. One day you'll love telling that story.

At least he picked a cute Pokemon. I hope you said yes!

thats SOOOOOOOO cute. i'd totally accept i ♥ geeks

haha #11 I'm taking this. By the time I ever propose this fml will be long forgotten and I'd totally use it :D

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oh my god! i'm so scared! you could beat us all at pokemon? that worries me. even more that your bragging about it. get a life. get a sense of humor. lighten up!

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how the bloody hell is pokemon NERDY? stupid, childish, boring, horrible music, yes Nerdy? NO! Doctor Who is nerdy. Pokemon is not. I wouldn't mind if my boyfriend proposed to me that way if he smiled after and treated it like a joke.... but if he SERIOUSLY proposed to me like that I wouldn't be too impressed I'm all for creative ways to propose to smeone but this is just plain dumb and even a bit creepy a marriage proposal is not meant to be a parody of a kids series! Assuming he doesn't change his mind about that 'wanting to stay with her for the rest of his life' (seeing as 40% of marriages now end in divorce), he still could have proposed to her in a way that would make her FEEL that way I know some people might like to be proposed to in such a weird way, but she obviously doesn't and he should know her well enough by now (if he wants to marry her) to understand she's not that kind of person and isn't going to be impressed by such immaturity.

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Unless pokemon has some special significance to your relationship, like if you met at a pokemon convention, it seems like he wasn't taking his proposal very seriously. To be fair, he probably didn't immediately opt for the comedy proposal, he thought it would be risky, but romantic if it worked out. Yes Doctor who is nerdy, #439, but it's awesome. I love it because I am a nerd, and to me that's not really an insult.

not really....hopefully their relationship is so good that he thought she would find it cute. not everyone likes that sappy crap

@439 Bad music? Wha? The pokemon theme tune is epic. Also, pokemon is a video game, not a cartoon. Please don't try and connect horrible, poorly written and acted storylines to the real thing. You will piss people off.

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On MLIA people love things like this

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Ur epic. Like just epic lol

Aww :) Pokemon Pwns everything. 'Nuf Said.

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154- I promise you i play far less pokemon than you, however if it was my guy, I would love it. ash and pikachu are best friends that have each others backs forever. and obviously this guy is going to love all of her nerdiness. she should be proud to have such and awesome bf. I hope she said yea or she is missing out. he found a great way to express his feelings and she's to much of a bitch to see it.

terranada 3

lol best. boyfriend. ever!!!

154, I play mystery dungeon and I think it's cute so LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE. and he made it SPECIAL by making it into something really rare and genuine so f u for being mean!

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It be awesome if the ring was in a poke-ball.

This thread makes me want to throw up. Pokemon is such a lame game. You could hardly call yourself a nerd if you like pokemon. The only thing nerdy about it would be the fact that it's a cartoon. People throw around the word nerd too much nowadays.

everyone argueing on the nerdiness of this needs to learn the difference between 3 words: nerd, geek, and dork.

thank you! I started feeling like I was crazy for thinking like OP... You know what guys... If Pokemon was kind of "their thing", I would get why he'd propose like that and it would really be funny and cute. But if OP's not that much of a Pokemon fan and her bf just blurts that out, I can get why she's angry?? When he's proposing to her he should put a little thought into a it and do something that she will like and that will make her feel loved and special. (Same goes the other way round...)

Not for marriage. If I was op, I'd probably dump his "nerdy" ass. Who proposes like that?!?!

Exactly. Personally, I'd rather the Pokemon thing.

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Aw thats so cute, did you say yes?

That boy is one WEALTHY 12-year-old!!! Well, he is 12, isn't he?

You're so clever, #116. I bet everyone's sides are splitting from your wit. Except that they're probably not because it really wasn't funny whatsoever.

**** you, what is a bland girl like you doing with an awesome guy like that? I hope he chooses someone better.

I wish my boyfriend would propose to me that way. :D

monkeyshorts22 4

biggest epic win EVER. I would say yes. hahaha I love pokemon!!

Well, I'm sure there's a lot of ELECTRICITY between you two! Hahaha! And you should have said: I love you.. You're my best friend... In a world we must defeeeeeend!" ... Actually, no, you shouldn't.

Dalboz 26

can everyone please stop to say this is cute and nerdy and idk? seriously I know it's a cool idea, but she obviously doesn't like it if she posted it here. and no, she doesn't suck for not liking pokemon like many wrote. wtf is wrong with having an opinion. the only way this proposal could be great is if both sides love pokemon. we can see the girl is disappointed - so no, she doesn't love pokemon that much. this is actually a pretty douchy move. he obviously did what he thought would be cool and considerated his interests but he didn't considerate her at all or her interests. just because you think this is cute and funny doesn't mean everyone will and that doesn't mean you shouldn't be considerate of them too.

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I hope you accepted! Sounds like a catch to me.

This doesn't belong to be an fml, and if yout think it does, i'm sorry you are wrong. that is the best way to propose, and i'm so taking that idea, and modifying it slightly hahaha XD

i hope you said yes. your boyfriend is way too awesome for you. and this story belongs on MLIA.

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It does! How is this an FML at all?!? I hope you said no, so that he could go find someone that is much more amazing and could appreciate this type of crap...[not literally crap]

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Lolll, Amen. That's what I thought when I read this :) It's so cuuuute.

I agree with is it an FML...unless he is like 20 or 30 something still watching Pokemon....I think its cute...hope ya said yes....sounds like its gonna be the wedding of the year...and just think you can save on gifts for your friends....just buy packs of pokemon cards....

Er... If the guy is in his 20's, then it's perfectly logical that he played and enjoyed Pokemon growing up.

......…………….................that's what your comment looked like to me.