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  brackaman  |  18

78 it wasn't your fancy words that blew our minds. It was the fact that the thread was about ass puns and you thread jacked with something unnecessary. By the way, OP is from the UK. FYI.

By  browneyedgirl52  |  13

It's terrible that gender stereotypes make men the only apparent criminal. Make sure you file a police report. People are disgusting.


Yes. OP had mental problems, making her think it was her bag, when really she had just robbed that woman. Now that I have explained your bullshit reasoning, you can kindly shut your damned mouth. Your head has to be placed back up your ass anyway, that's where it belongs. Good day, sir.

By  jeepers_1  |  21

Well hopefully they aren't smart enough to get rid of your ID then you can go to the cops and prove that it's yours, if not then sorry OP better cancel all your cards and get a new bag!

By  Polynomial  |  28

The best thing to do in a time like that, tell the guy to check your wallet, so he'll see your ID.
If he says you just put your wallet in there, show him your phone in there too, and if he still doesn't believe you, not guilty until proven otherwise.

  skatoolaki  |  24

More likely he was in on it. This sounds like a tag team rob scam to me. I lived on and once ran around on the streets of New Orleans and this kind of crap isn't that unusual. Really sorry for OP but rough parts of a town are...well, rough.

  Polynomial  |  28

Yeah ... I figured that out after posting.
A second thought, file a police report, and hope since it was such a bad neighborhood, some security camera caught it.
And the next time it happens, kick the "nice guy" square in the balls, show him your ID so just in case he was really a nice guy, he'll know, and if he doesn't care ,kick him again, call him a thief, and walk away.
I what the hell, what kind of guy would prey on a woman like that? (Prepares for "sexist pighead" responses) (Not trying to troll, but really, he is a scum bag to do that.)