By botheredgf - 09/11/2010 12:02 - New Zealand

Today, my boyfriend drunkenly decided to let his friends cut his hair into a mullet. He won't change it. I'm supposed to introduce him to my family. FML
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Talk about this with your boyfriend first. Be sure to... *puts on sunglasses* Mullet over a bit.

you should give yourself a matching mullet!


you should give yourself a matching mullet!

and the couple of the year award goes to.. haha

Make him put the mullet up David Bowie style

You know, you have a choice in the matter. If he chooses to keep the mullet, you can choose not to introduce him to your family.

A girl so immature she feels uncomfortable dating someone with a mullet sure is paired with a guy immature enough to get a mullet in order to avoid meeting her parents. So your plan sort of fails.

EvilDave 13

OP, break up with him. Problem solved. By the way, if he could get his hair cut and end up with a mullet, he wasn't going to make that great an impression to begin with.

break up with someone over a haircut? that's just retarded.

#9 I cannot explain how fucking great that post is.

No shave November!

mine wants a skullet.

well, first of all, you kind of deserve it for dating the kind of person who would any under circumstances get a mullet, but here's how you fix it with what you know: you know he can be easily manipulated when drunk just get his stupid ass drunk again and give him a haircut you approve of. everyone wins

"and give him a haircut you approve of" Or, you know, OP could try to not be a controlling bitch and stop worrying about what her family will think. If she's happy with her boyfriend, then her family's opinion of them based on his appearance shouldn't matter at all. A haircut that he's probably keeping as a joke shouldn't matter.

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business in the front. party in the back!

A haircuts a hair cut I'm sure your parents won't care what type of haircut he has ..its just his personality that'll count to ur parents.

Oh, the innocence of youth...