By Anonymous - 09/11/2010 11:34 - Sweden

Today, at work, after a visit to the bathroom, the lock broke in my hand and the door was jammed. I called the janitor on my cellphone and told him about the situation. He told me to fill out a complaint and leave it in his post box. He then hung up. FML
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In this situation, despite the cockroaches and germs, you climb over or under.

why do you have the janitors number?


I'm first comment and first replying to a comment

haha. I moderated this! I found this pretty epic.

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2 - Hahaha, congrats!(: OP - You should have kicked the door down and made the janitor clean it up! ^.^

why do you have the janitors number?

damn good question. lol. probably from "last night"

OP probably has the janitors office number.

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He could have called the receptionist and asked for the janitor.

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hhahhahahahha ikr

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I wonder how OP had the janitors number...hmmm

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some bathrooms have the numbers posted on the door but other then that how do u have his number ???

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well If you read almost every other comment that has been made about the subject...

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OMG WAIT I KNOW Y it says " Today, at work " that's y he has the janitors number because hey they must work together right or maybe not : /

Ever heard of the internet? The nummer was probably on the school/company's home page

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if you called him a custodian he would've fixed it for you ydi

I thought a custodian and a janitor were the same thing?

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yea but like if I was a janitor and someone asked me what my job was I would say I'm a custodian cause it sounds cooler. Just like if I was a garbage man I would say I was in waste management production, or something fancy like that. Then I can brag to all my friends that I'm in waste management production. Wouldn't you?

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lol I get what Ur saying 37

I thought "garbage men" were sanitary engineers as well?

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they are and sanitary engineer sounds better but if I was either one I'd just say janitor or garbage man instead of being a douche and try to make my job sound more glamorous than it really is unless you're handing out a resume

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what a jerk cuss em out!

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Fill ou a complaint about him!!!

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Why do u have his # anyways??

In this situation, despite the cockroaches and germs, you climb over or under.

My impression is that she's stuck in the bathroom in general, not just a stall. A stall would be less of a big deal, as she should still be able to get the door open without a handle.

OP is also a man, which backs up my argument.

men take ***** too

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i **** babies in the ear

sounds like a shitty situation

It's the drugs, isn't it Gary?

Drugs are for the humans that hide reality from their naked eyes.

Oh, in that case... you have a beautiful smile. It's truly majestic.

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He had better things to do than your mediocre task.

dont flush, find him and lock him in with your poo

Haha! WWF panda!!