By Anonymous - Sweden
Today, at work, after a visit to the bathroom, the lock broke in my hand and the door was jammed. I called the janitor on my cellphone and told him about the situation. He told me to fill out a complaint and leave it in his post box. He then hung up. FML
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  DudeImBetter  |  0

yea but like if I was a janitor and someone asked me what my job was I would say I'm a custodian cause it sounds cooler. Just like if I was a garbage man I would say I was in waste management production, or something fancy like that. Then I can brag to all my friends that I'm in waste management production. Wouldn't you?

  lotuspod  |  0

they are and sanitary engineer sounds better but if I was either one I'd just say janitor or garbage man instead of being a douche and try to make my job sound more glamorous than it really is unless you're handing out a resume

  tencentsakiss  |  19

My impression is that she's stuck in the bathroom in general, not just a stall. A stall would be less of a big deal, as she should still be able to get the door open without a handle.