By notsohappilyeverafter - 26/11/2011 21:54 - United States

Today, my boyfriend dropped by my work to break up with me. I had to go the rest of my shift with a smile, fighting back tears. I work as the Cinderella at Disney Land. FML
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bargarlm 2

No longer the happiest place on earth...


omgthatsosuppera 4

And besides, the prince charming is probably nicer than her ex too

Ferretface 13

Even if you were crying, the kids would just think you are Cinderella in the beginning.

I might not be a prince in shining armor but I can pass for a retard in tinfoil I might not be able to fly or shoot lasers from my hands(that would be epic) but I can be there when the day is done, I can hold ur hand and listen to ur worries, but not right now because Skyrim and MW3 just came out ;P

n_epic_fail 14

You should have kicked his ass, imagine Cinderella kicking ass...

theten_fml 9

You should of just cried the kids would Of talked to you and made you feel better.

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SirObvious 1

I'm sure you will find your prince charming someday;)

I like OP's name Thats so sad , ur ex bf is a jerk

swimchica22 0

well at least he had to pay to get into the park . . . .

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Wrong Disney movie. Surely she'll date Aladdin.

Shouldn't she date the woodcutter? Shit that's not even a film yet

I saw the previews for "Snow White and the Huntsman" staring Charlie Theron as the wicked Queen. That movie looks awesome!(:

bargarlm 2

No longer the happiest place on earth...

What a dick. He did that so he wouldn't have to see her cry. I hope he ******* hates himself later.

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If you straight up say you ARE a character at Disney, you can get terminated. They actually have people whose job is to watch for that kind of stuff on Facebook, Twitter and who knows where else.

kkbaby3 0

she didnt straight up sat she was a character at disney land. she said she works as the cinderella. so gett cha facts straight chick.

KiddNYC1O 20

If it were written like that it wouldn't get through moderation because it doesn't make sense!

KiddNYC1O 20

36- Cinderella is a character at Disney land, chick.

36, im pretty sure being a character at disney land is the same as working as one, in this situation. also, just because OP said she was cinderella, doesnt mean she isnt because "she could get terminated." theres factors such as fake post, anonymity, multiple cinderellas, and nobody who works there caring about fml...

I thought myself damn what an expensive way to break up with someone. Hang in there op.

This is the part where you and Grumpy from Snow White hit it off. Fml tho

Of all the dwarfs, why would she pick the one always miserable?

119 im sure 9 ment FYL dont get your panties in a bunch.

Wicked361 8

Well we all know Cinderella is pretty at least you can get guys!

I say when you take a break cry as much as you can then such it up until you go home...

It must have been pretty hard to stay in character :( but on the bright side, you work at Disney Land!!