By drummahboi99 - 04/12/2011 01:29 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me while placing her order. I work as a Drive-Thru cashier at McDonalds. FML
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If she ordered a McChicken, just give her the bird.

gpoquiqui 5

"Could you give me a Big Mac... And while you're at it may I please have a break up with a side of '**** You'?"

Obviously OP is better off without his dumbass ex. I mean, you break up with him AFTER you get your food, not before, when OP can rub his musty balls all over her shitty chicken nuggets.

Sukismama 2

Aw thats how my now husband first asked for my phone number

enonymous 8

It's Canada, there's no McChicken it's a 3 kilogram McMoose with cheese

sometimes I wonder if the people who post these FMLs have actually done something wrong to deserve these horrible break ups..

And spit in her food. I think it's a tradition at this point

76 yes, because getting a new job is SO easy. I'm going to guess OP is 17 or 18 that is just working at mcdonalds because he wants some spending money. Not because he plans for it to be his lifetime carrer.

I'd like a royal with cheese (because they use the metric system. who's seen pulp fiction?)

Keyman - Nail on the head. You don't **** with the person or persons who handle your food. lol

69- Actually, that joke was just right.

Would working at McDonalds have something to do with her breaking up with you?

XenaWP 6

Mcdonalds drive thru is the WORST place to break up.. Because then you have to keep driving and pull up at the window to pay.. Obviously that wasn't though through.

Get a vanilla ice cream cone and unicorn the bitch!

Wow, she couldn't see you face to face? That's dirty >.< you should have done something to her food!

Ah I see what I did wrong. She was telling you to your face but I still say you should have done something to her food. Or not give her ketchup >:D

StopDropNRoll 11

What if she already had a taste of anything he could have done to her food? Maybe she would like it? D:

94yhy 8

OP must be the one who broke up with Cinderella.

blink182AAR 6

Get a better job and she might get back together with you?

Unless you're born into a rich-ass family that blows their noses with diamond-studded sheets of pure gold chances are you will be working at some point in your life at a fast food restaurant.

W3ST 0

I never worked fast food, did farm work and rental companies since I was 15. I wouldn't date anyone that worked in McDonald's

sillyjb 9

At least op is working that shows something jobs aren't easy to come so you're way better off op!

slushpup9696 12

That's okay 33, if you're the type of person who judges people based off their job rather than, I don't know, their personality of even looks, I doubt you get many dates in the first place.

W3ST 0

47 - ur right it is hard for me to be in a relationship or date anyone... when I'm overseas... Semper fi.

Blink182AAR and W3ST - I worked in fast food for 2 summers when I was in high school. I'm now a doctor. You're both short-sighted idiots if you can't see that fast food jobs are usually not careers, and when they are, it's no less of a job than anything else. Try getting your heads out of your asses and you'll be able to see better.

bamagrl410 31

At least OP even HAS a job. With this economy, a lot of people are lucky to find any job at all. It may not be the most ambitious, but at least it's an effort to earn money & be a normal, functioning adult. Good enough.

33 don't be such a stuck-up, ignorant, moron.

#33 I worked in fast food for two years while I was in high school. I graduated, got my diploma in I.T Networking and Systems Administration from technical college and now I'm studying a degree in I.T Network Technology. While working part time in Tech Support for a large building company and I'm only 19... You have to start somewhere. Maybe OP is still in High School or first year College studying to be an Accountant, Doctor, Programmer who knows.. Don't judge.

My first job was at McDonald's. Now, a few years later, I'm a co-pilot flying for KLM. Everyone starts somewhere. ;)

Why would she break up with someone so career driven?

Having a minimum-wage job doesn't mean a person isn't career driven.

W3ST 0

No McDonald's means they're not.

I am an engineering major (planning on getting my MBA) with a high GPA and a low-paying job on the side. Does that mean I am not career driven?

I really wish there was a sarcasm font, that way people wouldn't put their GPAs and other non-relevant facts (or lies) that no one cares about.

The sarcasm you meant to convey was understood. That is why you were thumbed down.

I think keyboards should come standard with sarcmarks. It's real. Google it.

This is exactly how I feel with most FML comments!

tylersign 11

Just hope that nobody comes to order the vanilla shake next...

blueflare21 3

Give her the wrong change and spit in her food

Yah! From both 'mouths' and then run your pubes over the cheese and hope a few come off. Remind her of what she's going to be missing.

UrCapsLockOn 12

i want to smell the future TOO :D

was the break up just for there, or to go?

Most likely to go because this took place in the drive through

Well, ****. What a dumb bitch. Obviously not worth your time anyways.