By lee - 22/08/2010 07:24 - Netherlands

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me over breakfast. In the afternoon I got to smile at him prettily for hours because he was the photographer in a session neither of us could get out of. FML
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ndiesal 0

He couldnt wait till after the session?

ArtIsResistance7 1

So now you have a photographed time line of the moment where your heart just breaks in two... It seems like he was enjoying the whole thing...FYL



daamn!!! would be so hard especially because you would have teary?(sp) eyes. for some reason teary doesn't look right.

I love this kind of stuff.

when you're done with the pictures, rip his balls off.

now say CHEESE!!

you had to spend time with your ex boyfriend eve though you didn't want to

Schizomaniac 24

It's funny because legonut is doing the same thing she was doing before, except that she no longer says "It's funny because.."

Wow. He could've at least waited until it was over. :(

mintcar 9

Because he's a douche? Either way, it must've been one ugly picture, with her trying to hold back tears and all.

I'd say you handled that with a bit of grace. now go give somebody a few bucks to key his car.

Jessi2487 0

OP doesnt need a few bucks to key his car.... she jus needs keys

zakkyzebra 11

maybe she was a total bitch?

not trying to be a grammar nazi.... but prettily? does thatwork? and sorry op thats sucks as said b4 rip his balls off

37, as it turns out, "prettily" is a real word, but your own invention, "thatwork," is not. Also, your whole session of non-cap hypocrisy betrays you.

YDI for smiling.

legonut is a stupid, childish douchebag that isn't funny and is hated on the internet, which is probably the only place where he thinks he has friends anyway.

ballistic 2

pictures.. or it didn't happen! and in this case there ARE photos cuz u were at a photo shoot so HA!

ydi for working with ur bf...never date co-workers....i had a job, which my gf also got a job there after me, causes nothing but fights. luckily i found a better job

takemytrollz 0

lol it's funny because you think legonut4 is a person, he's an AI developed by Cerberus, I bet his comments are moist.

KiddNYC1O 20

I'm not a business man. I'm a BUSINESS, man

the_flirtt 0

wow that sucks atleast u couldn't see his face

Blue_Coconuts 7

Why is everyone out for blood because he broke up with her? It's very possible that they just weren't clicking, or it was just time to move on. Maybe OP cheated, who knows... So quick to tell her to key is car and whatnot..

BahahahLOL 0

dayum gurl.

bonicr 0

Well it's good practice... you'll have to do shoots on days when you really don't feel like it and with people you might resent so this should really prepare you.

I'm not even gonna comment here.

25 has really yellow teeth

lmao ew just checked!

mooimafish 0

eww that's gross!!

77 Then don't comment you idiot.

Or key it yourself, for free! :D Carrie Underwood-up that car!!

benny2465 0

13 why do you assume It was the guys fault. who says SHE wasn't clingy or to emotional or just a bitch?

hahahahahahahahahaha first

legonut6 0

=3 reference?

takemytrollz 0

epic face, epic face,epic face, jizzzz in my pants. xD

jdas5 0


LightningLadyy 0

ndiesal 0

He couldnt wait till after the session?

you_failed 15

I don't understand... o.O

Awwww, well, that's not very nice for you, bit of a stupid action on his behalf, but oh well, you'll both get over it.

NoelLikesBirds 0

Well, maybe it was necessary. Your smile could have either made him realize he wants you back, or that he's really satisfied with his choice to break up with you. If yo teeth r nastiiiii

takemytrollz 0

"yo" is a greeting, "r" is not a word, and *nasty.

While not found in the dictionary, I've seen teeth that can only be described as nastiiii

hairt 4

omg. haha kinda funny picturing you guys from the fml.

ArtIsResistance7 1

So now you have a photographed time line of the moment where your heart just breaks in two... It seems like he was enjoying the whole thing...FYL