By Rich - 26/11/2011 20:50 - United States

Today, I admitted to my wife that I'd really like to get a Prius, but I was worried that if I did, everyone would question my sexuality. She told me, "I don't know why you care, everyone already thinks you're gay." FML
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tell her "well, I guess if I'm gay, we can't have sex anymore"

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Some guys would be glad to even afford a Prius

Make passionate love to her to convince her.

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His names rich, short for Richard.. Which is short for dick. Who likes dick? I now understand this fml.. And I share with you my wisdom.

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i have yet to meet a guy who wants a prius

67- Passionate love? How about ******* the crap out of her like a real man!

But why does op think people will question his sexuality if he buys it? I never really heard that people who own a prius are gay.

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well now you have *the more you know*

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My suburban shit a prius last night...

Buy a Taurus. Everyone will think you are a middle aged guy who has given up hope of reaching his life's dream.

What a pussy. OP, the sad thing is that you live in Texas.... Your a disgrace to the best state.

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120, yeah, because anal sex always proves ones heterosexuality.

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Wait so you get called gay. And the first thing u do is fml it lol. Yougay bro?

You better start acting up OP. That's the last thing I would want people thinking me as...

@91 Women like guys who are willing and able to make love, not just rough sex. Stop watching **** and go talk to some real women if you're such a real man.

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He needs to make a statement with a cherry-red Miata if he really wants to start a scandal.

He needs to make a statement with a cherry-red Miata if he really wants to start a scandal.

You were street racing... In a prius?

I wouldn't listen to your wife if she's admitting that she married someone she thought might be gay... There are obviously a few other things wrong with her

34- what type of ******* lunch box do you have?

It's from Jeff Dunham... If you didn't figure that out yourself

I hate when people make snap judgements just because they "think" something is "gay." No thrill to a Prius though, man.

Exactly.. People jump to conclusions so quickly. I don't think there is anything wrong with a Prius. One of my good friends has a Prius and he is definitely straight! OP, don't care what people think!! :)

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Actually a Prius has a little more umph to it than most think. I have a 2010 and I love it. Much less space than my 07 Tahoe had but that 50mpg is awesome compared to the 12mpg I got before. Even my husband was surprised when we test drove it how it didn't just putt around and actually moved pretty quick. It did take a few months before my husband agreed to drive it though.

Well of course there's no problem being gay, but there's a problem with people assuming you're gay when your straight and married... I ****** hate assumptions; people need to just grow up and stop judging people before they even know one fact about the person they're judging! Fat, tall, short, ugly, gay, straight: all terms I think SOME people should keep out their mouths.

64 - Without assumptions, how would yoy ever assume that person might be a bad influence? Or maybe a trustworthy friend? Preferences vary, one mught assume you to be evil whereas the other assumes you to be the best thing to happen since buttered toast. Sometimes the saying is true, assumung makes an ass out of you and me, and we make the wrong assumption. We live and learn from our mistakes.

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Yep, it is just human nature to assume. We all do it, every day, to varying degrees.

tell her "well, I guess if I'm gay, we can't have sex anymore"

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Idk I hav a feeling tht could backfire...

A few weeks later... "I'm not gay anymore! I promise!!"

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Well, as long as you and your wife know you aren't. I could say that it doesn't really matter at all what other people think, but perception of ourselves by others affects us to some extent, so that can be a rough thing to hear. Anyone who acts like you are gay when you aren't isn't worth it though.

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I drive a Prius and I'm not gay. Any guy who doesn't believe me can send their wife or girlfriend to me for a sleepover for proof. I'd think with both a gas engine and electric motor, the logic might be that the drivers are bisexual.

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Really, the most logical stereotype would be cheapskate. Once, I drove it 55mph and I got 55 mpg! That's when gas was $4/gallon. Mileage like that is certainly boner-producing! I told everyone who would listen -- about my boner and my mileage.

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I had this conversation with one of my buddies from work today. Minus the boner of course. I said that hybrid car dealers charge you more for the car to compensate for what you don't pay on gas the first year or second or third.

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Hybrid cars cost more to compensate* I should say.

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Sound logic, Perdix. Are you coming out as bi? I'm a bisexual who drives a hybrid bicycle (half road bike, half mountain bike). The only time I've been in a Prius was with my lover who thought he was gay before he married a woman. He was secure in his manhood and didn't need to compensate for anything. In fact, his manhood drew an admiring crowd at the local gay sauna.

A local gay sauna? I wonder how many of those there are in town..

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If you live in a city, probably a few. Usually call them bath houses :p I'd never heard of them either til my sometime paramour ended up staying at one overnight after getting himself into a mess that left him the option of bath house or the street.

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#37. I pumped up the front tires to 42 psi and the rear ones to 40. When I calculated my mileage, I didn't have a gauge handy to measure my penile pressure. Oh, yeah, I used pulse-and-glide whenever I had a chance. #59. Sorry to disappoint, but I still only go for the ladies. I think at my age, that's not likely to change. Thanks for your interest, though.

66 - The SF Bay Area has about 8 million people. In that area, there are only 3 gay bath houses of note. That do wide spread advertising, that is. There's one mixed sex club, but it rumored to be mostly women, and there are 3 hetero-sex clubs. One would think more, huh?

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"wide spread advertising?" I guess now we know where the Goatse guy works :)

Ah, Perdix, I said "wide spread," not my sphincter will never be the same again. All the same, thanks for helping me remember a revolting image ;)

simply if perdix drives a prius. you can drive one too and still be awesome

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I drive a Prius too. But I'm a girl. I traded in a 07 LTZ Tahoe for a Prius and I love it. I miss the space but the 50mpg is amazing!! My husband has a suburban and a jeep so we still have the gas guzzlers covered but for me and the kids to run to town as take care of errands it's perfect. I do kinda wish I had held out for the V but oh well :)

Priuses are in fact homosexual. Please don't be one of those or we might have to hunt you down and kill you.