By fuck off, for real - 03/04/2016 13:26 - United States - Ft Mitchell

Today, my girlfriend dumped me by text for another man while I was at work. While I worked the drive-thru, a customer noticed me choking back my tears and said "I'd be cryin' too if I worked your dead-end job." FML
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A girl who would dump you over text is so not worth it! And that guys an asshole, you do you

Awe, my apologies, OP.. That lady and your ex will both get what's coming to them. Karma, as they say, is a bitch.


A girl who would dump you over text is so not worth it! And that guys an asshole, you do you

Some people just shouldn't socialize.

Screw them they don't know your life

Awe, my apologies, OP.. That lady and your ex will both get what's coming to them. Karma, as they say, is a bitch.

OP likely works at a fast food chain such as McDonald's, burger king, etc. So I don't see why the customer feels the need to judge, they're the one paying for mediocre, greasy, fatty food.

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks

he isnt wrong. dead end jobs suck.

You don't really know OP. There's a lot of people who work these jobs. My brother worked for Walgreens as an associate during college. He became an assistant manager towards the end of undergrad and continued that throughout grad school. He then got a corporate with his MBA for the company. He worked in medical supplies, which it then separated from Walgreens. it's now it's own company, where he is now the director and working his way to becoming a VP . He's only 30. I'm an assistant manager/sales suprrvisor at a luxury retail store, but have no planws working there after college. My 28 year old store manager has been with the company since she was 18. One of my friends dad owns 5 subways and a few other fast food after working drive thru. But alas a lot of these people who work in these jobs are at a dead end, and will go absolutely nowhere. If you're smart enough and motivated enough you can do anything.

most people, when they get the proper knowledge, or at least diplomas, would get enough motivation... to never work there again. at least, that's what i always thought. entry level jobs like customer service, or restaurant work are temporary and you move on to better jobs on an entirely different type as soon as you can. i am probably the only one who wants to be in a dead end job... not for the money, but for the stable busywork.

But if someone is about to cry you don't just say inconsiderate shit like that. For all that customer knows, OP could have just lost a loved one or found out he had a terminal illness.

There are various pathways for "entry-level jobs", including a pathway to nowhere. Some people land these jobs in retail or wherever with aspirations to move up in the company. Others use it as a means to an end. I only have my job for pocket money. - my dad pays for school and living. I pay for literally everything else. others have no other option. Regardless no one has the right to judge as most of the time they don't know the circumstances, whether it's a part timer in school or someone who retired looking for something to do because they're bored.

well sure, but someone has to work at these jobs, dead end or not, society will fall if someone doesn't do this job, like if people stopped working in McDonald's, people will die.

What a rude person - first of all, horrible thing of the customer to say, second of all, way to kick someone when they are down, I really hope you are okay OP. Crying releases toxins in the body that build up under stress and upsetting situations so there is nothing wrong with a good cry. I saw this on buzzfeed, by username Motiya: ''I hope the universe blesses you with a moment of peace this week. You're doing the right thing, and you're going to be okay.''

Your ex-girlfriend is a coward and isn't worth your time and the lady going through the drive through is a bitter, useless stranger. Chin up, OP. It'll get better.

Leaving you for another man is bad enough, but texting you to do it? That's pathetic of her. So sorry, OP. Customers can be quite rude, unfortunately. Keep your head up. Tomorrow is another day full of possibilities. (Sadly I would've lost my job over that, because I probably would've dumped their drink/food on them.)