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Today, I thought it would be funny to go on my boyfriend's Facebook to change his status. While in the process, his account received a message. Turns out he's planning on hooking up with his ex-girlfriend/one of my friends and is definitely over me. How's that for snooping around? FML
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Pay back time...... Give us his e mail and password

Sucks to be you. But eh, at least you found out, even though it was a crap way to.


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I never got the whole YDI for snooping thing...... 1) According to her she wasn't actually snooping... just pranking her bf and then she got curious. I've fooled arouund with friends profiles (ie changing their sexual interests or statuses). I never really cared about their messages but I can see how a more curious person would. 2) I'm a little confused as to how someone would catch a cheater without snooping. Sure you can ask them to tell the truth.... but I assume that since the fact that they are cheaters it kinda comes with the territory that they will lie.... some could be honest... but the idea of an honest cheater strikes me as a sort of an oxymoron. Do you ask if they have cheated and they so no you take it at face value and move on so that the good people of fmylife will pity you more in the long run? Now I have never been cheated on so would asking without checking up or verifying be a perfectly acceptable 100% flawless plan? Is ignorance preferable to finding out that your boyfriend/girlfriend is a lying ass/**** and just being all happy while they either dump you out of the blue, subject you to various Std's, etc? Is it similar to the whole don't snitch thing where finding/telling the truth= very bad? Do you ask them if they are cheating so they could lie to your face with the hope that they stop what they are doing? Or lie to your face and either stop out of fear or continue on with you oblivious? Can one of the ydiers explain it to me or is it under the impression that all people who snoop are insecure, untrustworthy ***** who should have never suspected their loved ones of everything even if they were guilty of what they are accused of?

It's called trolling. You fell for it.

holy crap, someone on who makes sense... here, have a cupcake

#42 In some ways snooping wouldn't be a YDI (like if you suspected cheating and did some casual searching to find out) but snooping for no good reason is bad. Just because you're curious as to what's inside you wouldn't break into someone's house, would you?

#42 you are confused because you are stupid and not funny

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#42: reading someone's MESSAGES when changing their STATUS is called SNOOPING. No matter how you slice it. also, where does the whole subject to various STD's come into play? who said that they didn't use protection, or that ANY of them have STD's? Cheating is cheating, don't get me wrong, and it is ****** up; i've yet to be cheated on and i've never cheated. but don't say that she wasn't snooping, b/c she definitely ******* was. 'Curiosity' as you quoted is not an excuse for it, even if she did find out some potentially harmful information. *also, just b/c her boyfriend was planning on cheating doesn't mean that they wouldn't own up to it; if she asked, yes its quite possible he'd lie, but its also possible that he either a) feels bad and confesses, or b) doesn't care about her so he won't have a problem owning up to it. either way, she should still talkn to him about it

143: RIGHT.FUCKING.ON! I never feel sorry for girls who looks through their significant other's things. You wanted to find something bad, otherwise you wouldn't have looked. OP completely deserves it.

42- the "1)" I agree with u. just typed so much that I didn't feel like reading the rest...

yes she was snooping, but snooping DID find out that he's cheating on her. Would it be better for her if she DIDN'T find out? no. so how is it her fault for finding out that he was cheating on her?

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He clearly gave her access to his account. I log into my GF's all the time.

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exactly, if he gave her the password I dont see a problem with it. he's stupid because if I was planning on cheating (which I don't ever plan on doing) I wouldn't have talked about it on Facebook when he probably knew his girlfriend had his password. I have my boyfriends password and I go on once in a while to see if his one dumbass ex girlfriend is trying to talk to him. which I dont see a problem because she apparently texted him 'I wanna make out' gotta claim my man!

Sucks to be you. But eh, at least you found out, even though it was a crap way to.

OP should pretend to be her bf and break it off with her boyfriend's ex on Facebook. Then OP can confront her bf.

Now you can turn the table and play his cards. Well.. sort of. At least break it off with him before he does it to you.

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haha women arent real people anyway

15, you took the joke way to far. I don't see with this is thumbed down. it's a freaking joke, get a sense of humor!

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And yet you came from a woman. If it was not for a woman, you would not be alive.

Pay back time...... Give us his e mail and password

Even better, give us his social security number.

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Good for you snooping around. Before you turn the page, time to Fuck them both over! With all of the brilliant minds on FML, let's see some ideas on how you can mess with both of them...

Snooping around bad no doubt about that, but it's always at the right time. Fate. But paybacks a bitch ;) FYL

Pretened to be your boyfriend and write to the girl. Have fun knowing his password ;)

that password will be a good tool for payback if you want it to be