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By David H. - 23/12/2010 08:18

Today, I saw my first boobs ever, at 18, volunteering at a retirement home. FML
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perdix 29

You saw boobs volunteering? Usually you have to pay them even to come out and play.


thaprince1226 0

Perverts have seen countless ******* before they were 18 & they didn't even have to ask for permission. So what's your excuse? YDI for not being proactive.

theian01 3

That's not a good start. You have to ease into grandma ****. Start off slow.

I bet it was like a fried egg, hanging from a nail.

it's called ****. YDI for not getting some.

haggy ur pp looks like u jizzed in ur pants

well you obviously saw **** when you were suckin' on your mothers tatas

haha funny. op shoulda went to a xxx site

it's Kool man, you know society is messed up when everything rotates around sex and partying at least your not a ****

Okay, I have to check. Did anyone get my joke? Or does everyone think I'm just crazy?

there's a joke in your comment? I don't get it..

Boop - I got the joke, but I still think you're crazy.

Hence the placement of the word "just," Doc. Not: "... does everyone just think I'm crazy?" But rather: "... does everyone think I'm just crazy?" Muddy wombats!

sophiamichelle 0

I get it. he said Kool Man, as in the Kool Aid Man, and his famous phrase is OH YEAH.

KFCkoolaidWaterm 0

Oh shhaaannnaaappp!!! Did someone just say Kool Aid? OP should dye his hair with some after seeing boobs like those. I'm not sure why he should dye his hair after seeing boobs; maybe, if he changes up his look, he'll get to see non-saggy boobs? Did the old lady's boobs hang low? Did they wobble to the floor? Could she throw them over her shoulder?

Wasterni 0

just saying but the "purpose" to life is to procreate

I wonder what hit the floor first? His jaw or the old ladies saggy bags?

man why do most of my comments never post? knowing my luck this one will be the only one that does :(

Randen_fml 0

Ew, least it only gets better from there.

OMG when I read this first I was like ... wait you've never looked at your boobs before ?? haha (:

Slayerfan408 6

Dude it's fake who hasn't seen boobs at that age cmon.

he probly ment like real ones,not ones on a computer/tv ect

lolx7 5

well **** is ******* shitty disgusting! it is for low life bitches who have nothing better to do!

Let me guess, your a female or have a girlfriend and are male. Not everyone can get laid, so there's pornography.

satisfactionwink 0

well, if he's an 18 year old boy and hasn't seen a womans boobs, then he probably has a nice set on himself..

wait. didn't u see ur moms or sisters b4 that? and ew. just ew. old ppl boobs r saggy and nasty

You consider it normal practise to have seen your sister's boobs by the age of 18?

well in Louisiana or Arkansas, that's how you lose your cherry.

I'm from Arkansas! I only know 3 people maried to there sister!!

By that, do you mean three brothers all married to the same sister?

MuchDance90s 0

some families are less prudish, especially European families my family was very prudish, and I have no problem with that, bur i likewise do not take issue with those who have grown up differently

perdix 29

You saw boobs volunteering? Usually you have to pay them even to come out and play.

rnbz 0

haha man I fricking love to read your comments. This guy needs to kill him self if your 18 and you just saw some **** for the first time your meant to be gay.

33, judging by the picture, you look 14, so unless you saw them yourself, don't suggest death for the OP, otherwise jump from the window and end your life.

ShadyFTW1 0

If he's overrated, then don't reply to his comments dipshit.

40: WIN and perdix, you compleat my life. That wassnt meant to sound stalkerish or anything.

and that comes from a ***** with a dick on her back

I like how 40 gets moderated, but not the guy telling OP to kill himself..