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  ladyLALAA  |  28

Pretty sure my guy would be very offended. If you don't want to have sex with your partner they might not be right for you. It should come naturally. Good for stress release nd cardio fitness!

  longchow  |  8

Normally a guy that isn't exhausted from work shouldn't have a problem with frequent sex... That is as long as the girl is willing to help out. It's hard to get up constantly without added stimulation if you're not loaded up. I can understand any guy not wanting to have sex if they have to do all the work. Sex is a two way street ladies; help out!

  mb2_native  |  15

I wonder what OP's boyfriend would say if she was ready again right afterwards. Sex once a day is good, sometimes twice, here and there thrice. It's a good stress reliever and cures headaches, so if she ever says she has a headache or migraine, you know what to do ;)

  brrarm  |  17

Well in this case the problem isn't tiredness or not wanting to do all the work. He obviously thinks its WRONG to want sex every night as he called her a freak for that!
Sexual drive and need incompatibility is the problem here.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Though he might belong on an endangered species list. Unless, of course, he was right about OP being pretty freaky and he's just waiting to heal up from yesterday.

  Pleonasm  |  34

Dump him why? I'm sure they can converse and come to an agreement; they haven't even fought or anything, why do they need to break up?
Good old relationship-dump-trolls always on this site...

  Kingbreezy04  |  10

I agree Pleo. That's always the easy answer. Maybe he was busy, maybe he was working, maybe he was eating a brownie, maybe you broke his penis, maybe he was sick, maybe he hadn't showered, maybe he stepped on a crack and broke his momma's back. Who knows?

  DanielleinDC  |  32

Yeah, but if he was tired, hurting, or not up to it, he wouldn't have called her a "freak" for wanting sex on consecutive days. He would have asked for a rain check or something. No, he thinks there's something wrong with a woman who wants sex on consecutive nights, and maybe OP and her boyfriend need a talk.

And if he thinks she's a freak now, when she pops out a vibrator, he'll probably plotz.

  GamingFries  |  3

I like how a shit ton of people on this site jump on the "dump them" wagon at anything that seems remotely close to being not a perfect relationship.