By wish.was.single - 25/01/2012 18:33 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend kept whining at me, asking why I wouldn't have sex with him, seemingly not caring that my parents were in the room. FML
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xXxIracebethxXx 14

Look at OP's name. I think that might be the reason why she doesn't sex, not because he's a douchebag. If anything, he more of an immature child than a douchebag.

yeah, girls want you to work for it. nothing turns them off more than "want to have sex?"

14- how is she making him work for it? I don't know about you, but sex in front of my parents would also turn me off.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I don't think you interpreted what he said correctly, 36. You basically said the same thing. I think he meant that asking for sex straight up is a turn off for most women, and that they like it when you put a little more effort into getting them in the mood. Let me know if I'm wrong, Pentium, but that's how I understood your comment.

Wow if my husband had ever done that in front of my parents my dad would have hung him. How awkward and inappropriate fyl

Damn_Hippster 11

OP I still see no reason to not have sex with him.

CaptainPickles72 18

#43- Fail at sarcasm. This is to #43 and OP's boyfriend... better luck next time, buddy!

i'm just saying girls prefer you to work for it, instead of begging with the parents in the room lol

sorry i just read your comment 39. that's exactly what i meant. thank you! i didn't put enough details in my original comment

Sorry for hijacking this thread, but ACTA (worse than SOPA-not confined to the internet) is about to be passed and ratified. I'm expecting this comment to be taken down, but if you see this, look ACTA up on youtube, google, and sign any anti-ACTA petitions you can find. Mods, I know it's not likely, but please leave this up, I'm trying to help YOUR website. Thanks

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I think you also didn't get it, 86.

ChrisTheCalm 9

I swear I saw a similar porno recently, only the girl was sent to her room and the Mom decided to take the boyfriend up on the offer.

Yayyy I love these porno storylines. They're so true to life...

coolguy345 0

U Want to have babies in the middle of the room with parents around

Don't sleep with him for a month for being a whiny bitch.

Good for you OP, you definitely know now NOT to sleep with such an idiot. How do you know he won't "forget" to pull out, or wear a condom?

Judging by her screen-name, she won't be with him for another month.

25 - What, and risk becoming a daddy? Something tells me that's a situation OP's boyfriend would avoid...

Iknoweverything 29

HA! When I read both 25 and 75's comments, I thought "if she got pregnant, she'd have TWO babies!"

RedPillSucks 31

@75. Unfortunately, guys like that don't think that far in advance or care to deal with the responsibilities of being a father. OP would be raising the child herself.

audiophileMom 11

Brave... Incredibly stupid but brave...

That or he doesn't want to be in the relationship either.. Maybe he wants the parents to step and say, "you cannot date my daughter!" or maybe he just has an exhibitionism fetish..

Michael_92 20

If neither want to be in the relationship then why be in it? Specially her name...

Cause neither want to be the one to break it up first! So they just do stupid shit till one of them has had enough!

RedPillSucks 31

Some people will stay in a bad relationship rather than be in no relationship at all. SMH.

YDI for not putting out. Maybe he'd be turned on by having your parents watch! ;-)

MisterMan795 4

An audience? Do you think OP's parents would sit there and applaud as he nails their daughter?

76 I think your joke/sarcasm detector is broken. Should get that fixed.

RAM the daughter, DODGE the father.. for all those who don't get it, think vehicles.

olpally 32

Extremely.. I wonder if op's parents kicked him out after that.. I would hope they did or op for that matter..

No, it's only you with your mind that deep in the gutter.

leogirl95 12
Devin91 20

I highly doubt anybody was thinking that.

KingOfAmazing 9

I wouldn't be so drastic to say it's "sick." Maybe interesting though...

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5
Lexiloulynn 2

It looks like #35's head goes to #56's body:)

fiblydinkerton 0

I think I'm the only one who thumbed up.

I have an extremely dirty mind and even I didnt think of that.. Which just means your one sick bastard lol

me_gusta_eso 1

It's sad to know that people would even comment about a foursome with your boyfriend and your parents.

Uggghh, not only would it be a foursome, but an incest foursome.

No #6 it wouldn't be a foursome, just a plain old threesome while the dad broadcasts it live on the internet. Dawm I just jizzed my pants.

I know, I'm with Sl1mSha3y on having a superbly dirty mind and STILL not thinking of that xD Props to you, but of course, most of FML humanity will be looking at you in a disturbed fashion for a bit. Comes with the thought!

renesmeebb 0

Wow.... He must of been reeaallllyy horny to not care if your parents were there!! x)

armywife0609 4

Sounds like a great guy and very respectful

Rddvl 11

Who would tell anyone that? Especially in front of parents??

Well let's see1) people with genital warts which just so happen to be flaring up2) mutiny kitty3) someone with a fairly creepy sense of humor.see there is three right there.

I swear that was the funniest comment I have read ever. I am writing this to let that guy know he's hilarious.