By Sam - 01/02/2010 05:45 - United States

Today, my friend was showing me pictures of her and her family. I told her to stop at one of the pictures. I started laughing my back off and said that she looked grotesque. She asked me if I was serious, I swore that I was. It was actually a picture of her sister, who died 1 year ago. FML
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Even if that was her in the picture, why would you call her ugly right in her face like that? Some friend you are.


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wazdog 4

Stupid indeed. Even if the sister wasn't dead, why on earth would you say someone's family member looks grotesque??

Skullcrusher 5

What the ****? Laugh my back off! What's that shit? You must be a dork.

omg I am sooooo colll bcuz I reply 2 fist comment11111!!!!!11!!!one!!!

TrekkieGirl 0

Bet you feel like an ass...don't you? Even if it hadn't turned out to be a picture of her deceased sister, WTH were you thinking saying something so offensive....dumb!

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Lick me UncoolGuy3434! You are a pile of .

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I think this is terribly fake...

jasonsaied 1

you deserve it for saying "laugh my back off." WTF?

Are you guys all idiots? She thought the picture was of her FRIEND, not just some random family member. How did you all somehow miss this? She was just joshing her friend, and it unluckily turned out to be a dead sister that physically resembled her. It's completely not her fault and could happen to anyone. Morons.

I didn't miss that, and I still clicked YDI, just because it was such a dumb thing to say.

MF12 0

Jenkins, that has no bearing on what I said. Replace the "she"s with "he"s and the same argument applies.

Haha. The point is, is that he criticising everyone while being ironically the one who is a "moron". It's like saying "Your stupid"

You know, I could point our your grammar mistakes as well but who ******* cares? Not noticing the gender the person had selected and telling them that they're a horrible person for making what would in almost 100% of circumstances be a harmless jab at a close friend are very different things.

Reyo 2

Why you thought that calling your friend ugly in a picture in the first place was funny escapes me...

ihavenoname123 0

Oh shit. was that the FIRST time that's happened? That's why you don't swear that you're serious you idiot xD

seabrook 7

you fail for trying to incorporate first into your comment and getting second post :)

I'm sure that was the SECOND time it happened.

MF12 0

I'm sure this is the ONE HUNDRED AND TWELFTH time I've heard that

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seabrook-if ur a blackhawks fan, spell the players name right it searbrook not seabrook

eh it's not your fault. she shoulda told you.

agreed. not your fault for not knowing. ugly family members? not a good thing.

Um, she was told. The OP never said whether or not her friend had the chance to tell her about her sister before she started laughing at her. You're assuming something that may or may not be true. It's true that it's not her fault for not knowing before the picture was shown, but she did mock someone regardless of the consequences. @OP: Now you know that thinking before you act is wiser than not, not that mocking people is ever the brightest idea in the world anyway. YDI.

Agreed. Probably not wise, but I think the assumption is that he thought it was his friend (same age, same parents?) and was just messing around with her. They're obviously comfortable enough with one another that they go through family photo albums together; I'd say they're probably at the 'joking around' stage of their relationship. You guys are harsh.

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Oh i thought it was you dumb idiot. It makes more sense in this one... Lol

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cuz that just makes you SO cool 're an asshole for that. I don't find that humorous in any way. You piece of 

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Even if that was her in the picture, why would you call her ugly right in her face like that? Some friend you are.

You have no idea what kind of insulting things best friends say to each other and still consider it friendly banter.

Lol so what... if she's never told you about her sister fyl if she did.. ydi

he's trying to express that it was funny, funnier than laughing his ass off, but not as funny as laughing his entire body off, ya know?

maybe he's too much of a pussy to write "ass" on teh interwebz? either way he's a complete ass for saying something like that about someone's family member

CyclonePsycho 1

I couldn't even concentrate on the fml because I was puzzling over "laugh my back off." Wut.