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  djm2010  |  8

17, I disagree. if she did something as awful as cheating, then she would deserve all the embarrassment he throws at her. I'm not saying she did cheat, I'm just thinking hypothetically here.


Even then, relationships don't need to be spread on the Internet keep it to your self. IF she cheated then he could have just dumped her and that been the end of the story but now he's purposely causing problems.

  Badkarma4u  |  17

Do you guys realize when you "kick him in the balls" 1. thats assault. and 2 he may assault her back. As messed up as what he did was, it would be even more messed up if op got dumped, got the shit beaten out of her, and then got arrested. Domestic violence is NEVER a good idea, and it's not even a funny joke.