By Angie - 12/09/2015 21:34 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me and filmed it, because it would "be a big hit on YouTube." FML
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Normally I would try to say something funny, but that just sucks. You're better off without him

wat an asshole... you're better off without him


wat an asshole... you're better off without him

You can't really conclude that he's an asshole. Maybe she cheated. We don't know.

It's still pretty ******* awful to try and make Internet fame off of a breakup. shameful in every sense. whether or not they should be breaking up or not.

17, I disagree. if she did something as awful as cheating, then she would deserve all the embarrassment he throws at her. I'm not saying she did cheat, I'm just thinking hypothetically here.

Even then, relationships don't need to be spread on the Internet keep it to your self. IF she cheated then he could have just dumped her and that been the end of the story but now he's purposely causing problems.

Well, if OP posted on FML, I doubt she cheated.

61, that's a bold statement to make. People lie all the time to make themselves look innocent.

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Then tell us where to find it so we can blow up the internet. What an asshole!!! Good riddance

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We need the url so we can all go down vote it into oblivion. A nasty comment or two about his douchebaggedness would t hurt either.

Normally I would try to say something funny, but that just sucks. You're better off without him

At least you won't waste time pining over him.

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Well if he does become a hit it'll be for the same reasons as Nicole Arbour and no one is happy about that. Good luck OP you deserve better.

Ironically, you're doing exactly what Nicole wants. You're giving her the attention that she wants. BTW, she wasn't wrong in that video.

wow #9, you just broke a record of having every single one of your comments downvoted to oblivion.

54, it's just FML. I think I'll still sleep good tonight.

That's how it becomes a viral video, with the title "Jerk breaks up with girlfriend and films it. Gets kicked in the nuts."

Maybe you deserved it, maybe you didnt. Not enough information to tell

Nobody deserves to be broken up with that way.

I disagree. If she cheated, she absolutely deserved it.

Breaking up with someone is one thing, but filming it and posting it online is vile. Regardless of the reason for him breaking up with her, she doesn't deserve that.

I wholeheartedly disagree. It entirely depends on the situation.

lol I've never been cheated on. I just have an opinion

It's an unbelievably disgraceful thing to do to someone, regardless of the situation.

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In what situation would you say this is not a terrible thing?

Douchebag. It's good you guys broke up. He doesn't deserve you

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Well we don't know why he broke up with her, she could be playing the victim

What an ass. I'm sorry, you're better off without him.

Kick him the balls and tell him that you are gonna post it on YouTube because it would be a huge hit.

Badkarma4u 17

Do you guys realize when you "kick him in the balls" 1. thats assault. and 2 he may assault her back. As messed up as what he did was, it would be even more messed up if op got dumped, got the shit beaten out of her, and then got arrested. Domestic violence is NEVER a good idea, and it's not even a funny joke.