By wittlegirl - 13/07/2011 18:16 - United States

Today, my parents think that I don't realize all the sexual euphemisms in their conversations. One of the more recent ones being made by my dad at the dinner table: "This sausage is great, honey, but mine is bigger and tastier!" FML
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dude that's so gross hahaha

Try the shock reply. "Dad no one at this table wants to eat your cock. Now can I please finish my dinner?" That will shut him up.


dude that's so gross hahaha

At least it was your dad saying that not your mom

jacob4848 4

Tell your dad " Don't be silly wrap your willy "

^ Well that wouldn't really matter when the parents are married and probably pretty old. Really condoms probably haven't been used in that relationship for a long time.

^ Well that wouldn't really matter when the parents are married and probably pretty old. Really condoms probably haven't been used in that relationship for a long time.

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You should of told your dad that you like stabbing sausages with your fork.

you shoulda been like don't be silly it's way tinnier

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that's gross, obviously OP parents need to come up with better code names for when they try to talk about sexual things.


you should've said "THAT'S WHAT HE SAID!" even though they already meant it like that lol

so how does the ops dad know his "sausage" is "tastier"? LOL

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oh my God this is so awkward! I'm really sorry for you OP. FYL

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"Well dad, since your sausage is soo much bigger and tastier, why don't you wip one out so I can try it? I mean, we are talking about food here, aren't we?" And that's when you bat your eyelids dramatically >:D

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I know what you mean, that exact same thing happens with me and my parents. it's disturbing.

Scarred for life.

You'd think it would be a bit akward for the parents to talk about their sex life. But NO obviously not..

I don't see the big problem here really, I find that quite funny and would just have responded "eww, dad come on! hahaha" Sometimes it's better to just laugh rather than complain :)

this happens alot to me too :(

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at least you weren't having sausage AND tacos.

sausage tacos? a sausage inside a taco!

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#119 You just blew my mind.

what would a taco be? o.0 and OP at least your parents are still in love and frisky! ^_^

that's an fml? my dad does that all the time and I find it hilarious.. I think this is more common than op thinks.. unless my dads just a player

oh boo hoo.. how do you think you are alive right now? if it weren't for that night in Vegas with the midget strippers and piles of cocaine you wouldn't exist

"Taco" is a slang term for vagina, hun.

Does he put a protective bun around that sausage?

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Now, that's cute.

at least you weren't having hot dogs and he said " I wanna put my hot dog in your buns"

Would've been a lot worse if there was cheese inside:S

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no its not

alphaskater09 9

you should have stared him in the eyes and bit a big chunk of sausage off.

there's only one thing I need to say and it's to 84.... that puppy Is adorableeee :)

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I belive it's called a blue waffle not blue taco

woah u just created the wrong picture in my mind LOL

... ok yes everyones tlking bout how awkward n gross that is.. but am i the only one tht realized they tlk sex over dinner? id become anorexic... out of any time of the day... dinner!?

*Facepalm* Yeah, I think everybody realized that... That's why everybody is saying that it is awkward and gross...

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@282 You got it?! Smart.

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Lol they blew you

hopefully he takes after his father.

I think op is a girl

yea just a little nasty

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stupid parents ftw

my thoughts exactly

Does your mom reply with, "Well, put that sausage in my doughnut hole and watch the cream come out! Maybe I'll swallow, maybe I'll spit it out!" That kinda turned me on, gotta admit.

lol alot of parents think we are oblivious to that kind of stuff

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my parents were shocked that i knew what a prostate was! sometimes parents dont realise we know more than them

I'd thumbs up your comment but it's at +69 right now haha

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Although I have to admit its kinda nasty, I'd just be happy my parents are still in love. It seems that barely happens anymore.

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Hahahahaha!! ewwwieee, your life sucks d:

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sounds like some nice parents... I mean they cook sausage just so they can say that

Awesome pic :)

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Were you eating sausage????

What? no, that's preposterious. They were obviously having meatloaf for dinner.

Airick_TheGreat 2

hahaha 21 now that's a win

no they were eating pancakes

Derp Buzzington.

I didn't read the other replys

Nope not sausages but Mabey a taco

At least mommy is satisfied!


she loves that spicy Italian sausage.

unless she likes it burnt.. D:


why can't she like both or even German bratwurst.

She might like a taste of everything.


she gets the variety pack a taste of sausage from around the world.

that sounds awesome beiberslayer! where can I get that?!?!?!? wait..... oh ewwww y'all are nasty!

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I think 51 likes it burnt.

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my husband is polish...I get to make polish sausage jokes haha. too bad he's a fucking prude and gets all upset when I tell him I want his polish sausage D;

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she might like sausage and tacos

I most definitely don't like it burnt. My boyfriend is Irish, welsh, and other white ethnicities.

your hot want some of chucks sausage

heck! how old are u?

Alysin 14

that must've been awkward lol

Try the shock reply. "Dad no one at this table wants to eat your cock. Now can I please finish my dinner?" That will shut him up.

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I would say that. And then I would get smacked across the face.

kraine0712 2

Nice. I agree, drastic times call for drastic measures. Plus it would be hilarious.

What if he actually was talking about the sausage that he was eating, that would make it even more awkward than just ignoring the comment...

Honestly? who could hit a girl? I mean I'm all about equality but then again if I said that I would get smacked across the table too so I guess that's equality for ya -___-

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I prefer 4. just sayinnn