By Toothless_Lasagna - 15/10/2017 20:00

Today, my boyfriend and roommate got into a fist fight over a magic trick. They ended up putting a huge hole in the wall that's going to be expensive to fix. We're renting my boss's house. FML
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“And when I say the /magic/ word, you two will break out fighting!” “Pffft, bullshit.”

Just tell the boss Tha the hole magically appeared!


All I can say is, your boss better not fire you or skim your next few paycheques.

Well the second one is just plain illegal. The first one is very possible depending on how OP handles the aftermath.

Just tell the boss Tha the hole magically appeared!

“And when I say the /magic/ word, you two will break out fighting!” “Pffft, bullshit.”

Chickenhoarder 5

The boyfriend wanted the roommate to watch him pull a rabbit out of his hat, but his roommate kept insisting that "That trick never works."

Make them pay for it. If there stupid enough to fight, then they are old enough to pay for things they break.

There's always someone stupid, calling someone else stupid. Take note on how I used your homophone correctly.

How exactly does being stupid equate to being old? If OP had children who did this same thing, would you make them pay for it?

julfunky 29

Curious: Why exactly is this going to be expensive?

Because they are contractually obligated to inform the landlord- OP's boss in this case- and pay for who they pick as the contractor to do the repair since it was caused by one of the renter's. Plus, it just says "a huge hole" which means it probably isn't just a fist sized hole. My guess is that one or both of them fell through the wall, which could require that the repairperson cuts out the entire damaged section of dry wall and puts in entirely new sections, as opposed to doing something that is more of a patch job.

How expensive can it be if you can easily break it?

“Ta-da!” “And for my next trick, I’ll make your job disappear!”

So I'm guessing that when the boss finds that hole in his house, they'll put the classic vanishing act.

Lobby_Bee 17

You need to wear stalettos and see how far you can place it up your boyfriend's ass. You might enjoy yourself but don't expect your heels to come back from this.

The best thing to do in this situation is to just come clean. Tying to hide it will just make things worse, and since you and the boss are on good enough terms that they let you rent their house to begin with, there is a possibility that they will just let you off with paying for the repairs.