By screwedhousemate - United Kingdom
Today, my three housemates got into a huge fight and ended up declaring their undying hatred for each other. They now refuse to talk to each other, and I've become their go-between. Yesterday, we signed the lease for another year in the house together. FML
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By  SirEBC  |  7

This seems really awkward. When I try to imagine 3 people arguing/fighting, I automatically picture 2 against 1, or 2 arguing and 1 trying to mediate, but never one against all and all against one.

By  HeJustKnowsBest  |  3

Life is too short/valuable to bear grudges on people, but I have a solution to get them back together again.

1. Watch Saw (if you already have skip this step).
2. Get your roommates to make advanced payments on the house for the next year.
3. Acquire the necessary tools/location to set up a game.
4. Put them both in the game, but modify the environment so that they'll have to work together in order to get out alive (sort of like Saw V).

It's a win-win situation, either they become the best of friends again, or you don't have to deal with either of them anymore.

  Nimmrodel  |  11

Clever stuff, only one flaw I can think of is if they work out that plan they may be a little annoyed and end up hating the person who planned the little excursion into a game where there may die. I know I would.


#14: A pig mask a heavy voice distortion can help mask the fact that the OP was the perpetrator of the game. She just has to be a good actor and keep her mouth shut about it forever.