By eric4 - / Thursday 23 May 2013 20:11 / United Kingdom - Cheltenham
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  Reaper1984  |  13

#34 I have to agree with you ive had a job thanks to idiots for about 10 yrs now. They also provide a good laugh once in awhile, ive seen so much ridiculous stuff i start questioning humanity

  Reaper1984  |  13

Now that I think about it ive done some pretty stupid in my day and im a firefighter. We are professional only 24 hrs at a time. The next 48 hrs after that its a different ball game

  LuckBeNimble  |  19

22: I agree, but without proof OP is at a loss. besides, what if the prostitute stole it after OPs roommate dutifully paid her with his own money? while OPs roommate is decidedly a douche-nozzle, lets not jump to conclusions.

  skatoolaki  |  24

It isn't a reasonable response since the shit ONLY happened because of the roomie's choice to bring a prostitute into their home. You can't say shit just happens when you're the singular cause of the shitstorm.