By eric4 - 23/05/2013 20:11 - United Kingdom - Cheltenham

Today, my roommate decided to splash out on a prostitute. When my expensive watch and the contents of my wallet turned up missing in the aftermath, his only comment was, "Shit happens, bro." FML
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Punch him in the face and say shit happens bro

remind him of that when he finds out he has an STD


Punch him in the face and say shit happens bro

Or push him down some stairs

i warned you about the stairs bro

#17 .. It's a ironical with a name like yours to tell OP to push his roommate down the stairs ., lol

#33 Hey that's job security for me lol

He got a hooker and he didn't share? Tsk tsk.

#18 damn bro stairs happen.

I say break his knees till his medical bills equal what you lost.

He lives in the U.K, he'll serve 15-18years in prison. (Yes, that is an exaggeration).

That will take quite a while! They don't pay medical bills in the UK. And pay nearly nothing on medication. And get reimbursed the transport to the hospital.

#34 I have to agree with you ive had a job thanks to idiots for about 10 yrs now. They also provide a good laugh once in awhile, ive seen so much ridiculous stuff i start questioning humanity

Now that I think about it ive done some pretty stupid in my day and im a firefighter. We are professional only 24 hrs at a time. The next 48 hrs after that its a different ball game

remind him of that when he finds out he has an STD

We don't really know if he has an STD or not, but karma suits him if he does.

Actually prostitutes are less likely to have an STD.

I'd love to see some evidence or logic behind that.

"Crabs happen, bro.."

Now when he complains to you about having an STD, you know what to say.

Damn, #2 got it first.

Charge him for his horny expenses.

Why I otta charge you for being a little bastard

Well we know what your response will be when he gets herpes.

Probably gonna need a new roommate.

You may have to become a prostitute to earn all that back.

He sounds like a great roommate.

Even I could read the blatant sarcasm in this comment! Thumb her up people!

Well he gave a reasonable response "Shit happens bro" sometimes shit does happen

"Shit happens bro" is not a reasonable response when somebody confronts you about the stuff you robbed from them.

I agree with 22. In this case, "shit" didn't happen. His "roommate and a hooker" happened!

22: I agree, but without proof OP is at a loss. besides, what if the prostitute stole it after OPs roommate dutifully paid her with his own money? while OPs roommate is decidedly a douche-nozzle, lets not jump to conclusions.

I am taking the phrase "splash out" to mean that the roommate did not pay the prostitute. If that is the case the prostitute took what s/he could find.

It isn't a reasonable response since the shit ONLY happened because of the roomie's choice to bring a prostitute into their home. You can't say shit just happens when you're the singular cause of the shitstorm.

64: I see. I understood it to mean "splurge" since I'm not from the UK, I just figured it was a region thing. my apologies!