By Sir Smokalot - France
Today, my boyfriend and I were visiting his parents. When we got there, I hugged his mother, and she glared at me. Later that day, I heard her telling her son that he should leave me because I smell like cigarettes, and she hates smokers. I don't smoke, my boyfriend does. He did all the way there. FML
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  Astroman129  |  7

Yeah, but maybe this worked for the better. If the boyfriend doesn't stand up for her or appreciate her, she should leave him.

@OP: If he doesn't tell his parents it was him, dump him. There are way better men out there.

By  XOfiestypixie  |  0

Er, so shouldn't he smell like smoke too? Or is his mother to much of a psycho to think that her son is actually the smoker and thinks the OP caused him to smell like smoke?

  plexico  |  3

You nailed it, pixie!

My thought is that the mother said she stinks of cigarettes, but she really means that she stinks as a person (nothing to do with the olfactory sense whatsoever).

The boyfriend and his mother have that weird Oedipal thing going on, so the OP would be better off moving on and finding a man who has a normal relationship with his mom.

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

Agreed. =)

Girls should learn to ask questions before dating someone:

1) Are you a stalker?
2) Have you been known for cheating on past girlfriends?
3) Do you have an Oedipus complex?

  plexico  |  3

#2 is kind of a trick question.

"Have you cheated on past girlfriends?" would be a direct, straight-forward question. But the "Have you been known to" part suggests that when you cheat, do you do it discreetly enough that the girlfriend and the people around you are unaware of it?

So which do you really want, pixie, a faithful boyfriend or one whom you can THINK is faithful?

  plexico  |  3

I gave you a thumbs-up for your comment. I thought it was funny. When I hear women complaining about men, I gleefully chime in with one of my faves: "All of the good ones are taken -- and so are most of the assholes!"

  plexico  |  3


Keep in mind that what I say does not necessarily reflect who I truly am. I'll say some things sincerely, but others facetiously. Never take me too seriously (except that one with the baby being born with a genetic disorder. That truly made me sad.)

  genius_man16  |  0

Lol plex, I love that line, 'all the good ones are taken -- and so are most of the assholes'

I never cease to get a good chuckle from your comments. :P

My comment was also in jest, which I'm sure you understood, although most people seem to not realize that, haha.

It's cool that I'm awesome enough to get buried though, I suppose that means people are reading my comments. ;)