By terrible person - 04/04/2011 09:29

Today, I went to my boyfriend's house to break down and cry because his mother hates me for unknown reasons. I walked in, gave him a long hug, and started sobbing. I then saw his mother. She was visiting him to complain about how terrible a person I am. FML
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Valle79 5

So you planned to break down? I can see how his mother might think you're a horrible person...

Now you can talk out your diffierences.


1221jamw 11

Wow screw her op your the nice one

You're* You don't really have to be liked by the mom. Well unless he is a complete momma's boy... Then you might need to leave him for him...and not her. But, her opinion shouldn't be a huge deal to him..the rebel in most people doesn't get "grown out" and he'll do exactly the opposite of his mother wants....thus meaning you'll still be in the picture. Ignore it, not everyone is going to just love you right off the bat...even if she never likes you... I'm sure you can both create a working relationship because of the one person you have in common.....

Have sex on her bed that will piss her off

haha, nice idea! But maybe op should just ask her what's her ******* problem.

haha ya I agree bro just ask that bitch what her problem is

Spartan!... Prepare for Battle!(if there's a chance) Leave no Prisoners!(if he gives in to mommy ****)

sorry but how do you figure she's the nice one when she PLANNED a dramatic breakdown? probably why the mom docent like the OP

I think that the mom isn't that much of a bitch. It sounds like OP has some issues. For example: his mother obviously didnt come to town in order to hate on her. OP just has insecurity issues. That's probably why people don't like her.

hisgirlherboy 5

oh my god you pic is so ******* amazing

She felt shitty, and wanted to talk to her boyfriend about how she felt. She needed a long cry, that doesn't mean she is the bad person. She just needed some emotional relief.

MnM0609 22

It's not like she was going to do it to cause a scene. She just needed a shoulder to cry on and someone who would listen to her. She went to her boyfriend because she needed him to be that someone, and there his mom was talking shit. If she planned a dramatic breakdown, I'm sure it would have been more public than that.

Now you can talk out your diffierences.

msl1333 4

I really doubt op has absolutely no idea why the mom hates her. so really they have two options: cry about it to the guy, or behave like adults and work out a relationship.

unknown831 0

eew that's his mom why would he have a threesome with his mom.

ilovepoppa 0

right. but that was a tad bit ironic?

It's only incest if he opens his eyes. (don't be tempted glue them shut)

That's just bad luck. But I hope your boyfriend,who loves you, understands you better ...

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An ellipsis can be used to indicate a pause, just wait, they might finish their sentence shortly.

#32..I was replying to #4 which got I edited and got rid of what I said.

Frelling 0

S'ok, I was actually replying to number 3.

Uhm.. What you said doesn't make sense then. Looks like their thought was....done.

iTerrorized 4

Should've listened to Rebecca Black's 'Friday', wait nevermind, you'd cry even more.

mintcar 9

Look, you can't change the way she feels. Just ignore her, maybe she might come around.

GaryMuzz 4

yes, because ignoring the problem is usually the most mature and effective thing to do...

Pretty hard to ignore her boyfriends mother, best to just talk it out with her.

mintcar 9

How do we know OP hasn't tried?

mintcar 9

7, I ignore things all the time because I'm old, I'm mature and it's always effective. Duh.

oh hey, you're the girl that we commented about cuz of your pic, right? well, you're pretty xD case closed

mintcar, go take a communications class. ignoring someone is anything but mature. people these days -_____-

mintcar 9

122, you're an idiot. Yeah because my above statement was consumed of all seriousness. Herpderp. I understand sarcasm is lost in text and all but I'm still deeming you an idiot.

phahaha, 'cause there was even a hint of sarcasm in anything you wrote? cool beans. oh, and cover yourself up, nobody wants to see that.

mintcar 9

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mintcar 9

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mintcar 9

BOLOGNA you mean? HAHA. Insult fail. You should probably absorb some creativity and attempt another.

hahaha, good argument! let's do it again sometime!

I feel sorry for you... if someone that close to him has problems with you, you're going to have a tough time. As long as your boyfriend supports you, I suppose it would be ok. I just hope your boyfriend doesn't start listening to what his mom is actually saying. good luck

ArthursLifeSucks 2

What are her reasons for thinking you are a bad person?

shakethat 10

unknown to op but I'm sure the mom has some really good reasons.

I agree with 77. I think OP is a fragile, paranoid, and highly insecure b*tch, based on her FML post.

Fragile and insecure because her boyfriend's Mother is a bitch? Yeah, that's pure logic.

vavavoom88 0

Maybe ur bfs mom. Should mind her own damn bizz her son will love who he wants..her opinion shouldn't change that

callofduty4life 0

Stop being such a terrible person then?