By family heirloom gone
Today, my husband threw away the cast iron skillet my family has cooked with for generations because it had some specks of rust that were perfectly fixable. My 5th great-grandfather had that skillet in 1890 when he was a chuck wagon driver for the cowboys during their cattle drives. FML
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By  Amy78_fml  |  11

It is always possible that your family has lied to you and it is not the same skillet. At any rate I'm glad my husband doesn't really touch my cooking things.

In all honesty I'm very fond of my cast iron skillet even though it is this generation old. In my eyes it is valuable and not something to be tossed out. I hope it wasn't too late and you were able to save it from the trash.


Apparently you have never had to find a GOOD cooking pan. Dishes are not expensive, cookware is very expensive and quality ones are a bitch to find. A nice set of pots and pans is over $2,000. Cast iron pans can be $50+ per pan.
I asked for a couple cast iron pans for xmas.

  skippy474  |  0

the thing about cast Irons is the older and more used they are, the better the food cooked on em tastes. cast irons are seasoned by every dish you cook in them. that's why having a centuries old skillet os huge