By mandygeegoesnom - United States
Today, while waiting for my boyfriend to get out of the shower, I chatted with his grandma. As soon as we hear him exit the restroom, she smirks at me and lets a huge, smelly fart out. She blamed it on me. My boyfriend believed her. FML
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Yes, this is one of the worst things that can happen as a couple. Yeah your boyfriend may cheat on you, you can forgive that. He may be abusive, go to a therapist. But accusing you of farting? That's where you draw the line. Do what you must, end it OP.

  hurtandabused  |  7

Omg! I had that happen with my boyfriends nephew. He's three n sat on my lap in front of the whole family n farted then went ewww auntie u farted!!! I had just met everyone...

By  Devin91  |  20

Well of course he's gonna believe ER that's his grandma; my grandma told me that my gf did a similar thing to that I "believed" her for the moment. No shame done.

By  HelpMeJeebus  |  5

once you get to be as old as she is, you'll realize that since you're that old, you can get away with blaming farts on young people, throwing cats in the dryer, etc.