By Jean - 22/12/2011 08:09 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend told me love is like a drug. I started tearing up because this is the most romantic he has been in a while. He then went on to break up with me, telling me that my "prescription is up". FML
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The refills probably costed too much.

Ha that's a good one. I'll have to remember that


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The refills probably costed too much.

Also prescriptions are £7.40 in the UK, not much.

Lmao @ 16 who took this comment seriously

Hahaha 16...and people that corrected them for writing costed, this is fml not English class.

You are incorrect #45, this is both FML and an English class. :)

This is the school of hard knocks bitches, and the FML/English block is in session; looks like some people will be taking remedials.

That's what you get with a boyfriend who quotes Twilight: it's hardly sincere.

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Twilight? I thought it was keesha

*kesha...and how exactly is this English class?...

birches if it's English class the professor is in and I say costed is a word.... class dismissed go on with ur lives

****** auto correct dare fix the professors words. btw yah I'm stickin with birches

edward cullen sparkles, ke$ha sparkles. it all makes sense.

114- i believe it's 134 you imbecile. *trollface*

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To bad it is if you use it right smart one.

Funny how your birth control ran out the same day.. Crazy how that works

OPs boyfriend should have said your like a drug not because I cant get enough of you but because your ruining my life

Awww :( that's kinda sad but funny :( :) it's sad that u broke and ad it's funny how he broke up O.o

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Probably because the side effects included unexpected weight gain and irritability. You also don't give him an erection lasting more than four hours, so he decided to pull the plug on your treatment.

I wonder what kind of couple would be so much in love for one to always give the other an erection lasting more than for hours xD

Or maybe he couldn't focus on anything because OP was so pretty when his adderall ran out

Who breaks up with someone so close to Christmas that's cold

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Someone who didn't want to buy a gift.

Better before than just pretend that everything is fine the whole Christmas!

If you use christmas as an excuse then you have to worry about new years and then valentines day is right after. Better to roll before Christmas if you're not feeling it.

If you find out that your girlfriend was lying about multiple major things just so you'd stay with her long enough to give her a present, it's more than OK to break up with them. Proper relationship etiquette still applies at holiday time. Lie to me and your ass is dumped.

My bitch of a girlfriend. Ex girlfriend that is.

^Yeah, boohoo, tragic. Anyway, back to the original commenter. You are right. Christmas time is cold.

90- Thank you, you're the only one that got the "cold-Christmas" pun

Well, at least he didn't do that after he got your Christmas gift.

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Some men out there. (smh) Sorry OP, love comes & goes. Best of luck finding a loving partner:)

You say that like girls can't be heartbreakers.

Yes because that's the double standard that we seem to have here in north America men are all ass holes and women can do no wrong ..... Like a guy who cheats on his gf is just a dick head but if it's the other way around everyone says well he prolly pushed her away ... Women are crazy, CaZy I tell ya!!

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I love it when you see the guys here white knight on stories like this.

Uhm how is "love is like a drug" remotely romantic? When I hear that all I can think of is that obnoxious song by kesha...

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I think of Twilight. "You're exactly my brand of heroin" or something like that. I'm pretty sure I'd need quite a bit of heroin to make it through those books again. :/

Funny, I was thinking of "The Perfect Drug" by NIN.

That's when you chime in "Oh good, because the side effects of nausea, diarrhea and death were a little much."