By Edgarillo - 14/02/2013 07:59 - Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City

Today, my hairdresser apologised because he couldn't distinguish the hair from the back of my head from the hair from my back. FML
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perdix 29

The story doesn't include the gender of the OP. Please be a girl. Please be a girl. Please be a girl. It's just funnier that way.

mangoboy1 19


mangoboy1 19

Well then, if that's your picture, someone is gonna be burning later in their lower body. ;) lol

Yea... failed attempt at liar liar pants on fire. Sorry :P

I think the joke is that your picture isn't hairy at all so if "you thought you were hairy" he's implying you got waxed right before this pic.

perdix 29

The story doesn't include the gender of the OP. Please be a girl. Please be a girl. Please be a girl. It's just funnier that way.

I hope it's a girl too. I don't know any guys who call there barbers hairdressers.

Lionesse 15

#28 The gay gay that sits next to me in my Deutsch Class calls his Hair Stylist, Hairdresser.

Oh I see. That just sounds like your spending more money on a haircut. I'm going to start saying that. Person="Hey man where the hell you going?" Me= "Aw shit I gotta go to the hairdresser. Person=Wow man you must be rich. Me=I sure am. I sure am." Man that's going to change my life.

I'm with Perdix. I want it to be a girl too but then I'd feel badly for her. Hence this website though!

Mads_1234 28

It would be so much funnier if it was a girl... But I would feel terrible for laughing

chatwithstar 7

i am going to assume you were not wearing a shirt.

guckylynn 19

Back hair sometimes pokes up past people's shirt collars. I've seen men with it going up their neck even.

Just have him shave near the collar of your shirt and go from there.

i don't know how long your hair/back hair is, but that is pretty absurd. time to shave yo shit! or at least trim

Yeah... Good luck reaching back there. You obviously don't know the perils of grooming unwanted back/shoulder hair.

HairyPunisher 27

42, yeah but you'll do it if it's that obscene of a problem. It's like making your bed. Sure, it's just going to be unmade later and you might not want to bother but you do it anyway. Fyi I shave my back once a month and I get so much more attention being manscaped. OP should do it. ESPECIALLY if OP is female.

fylx100 19

49- I don't ever do my bed. Unless my mom makes me because guests are coming.

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Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Ouch, I feel like the skin on your neck is a bit sensitive for waxing. Trimming would do just fine if OP doesn't want the hair.

57, women wax the most sensitive areas on the body, being the face and bikini area. You think the neck is as sensitive??

Laser. It doesn't hurt as much and will become permanent after a number of sessions. Especially if OPs a girl!

Unfortunately, some people have hair folicles that enjoy growing everywhere. I have a girl-friend whose arms are super hairy- it happens.