By Anonymous - Canada - Tatamagouche
Today, I was singing in the shower, not realising the window was open. When I got out, the neighbours were at the front door, loudly arguing with my mother. They were complaining about my awful singing. FML
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  foxwasalamb  |  24

excuse me, they're not "hastags" its a pound symbol. whoever coined that term is an idiot. never have i heard an operator say "if you would like to delete your voicemail, please press the hashtag and try again"

  whatz_going_on  |  24

@30 oh wow thanks for letting us know! I must have been crazy to think that a symbol could be referred to as something different based on context, almost as if words can develop more meanings over time, but you've enlightened me! Quickly! Spread your knowledge to the twitter userbase so that nobody misuses it again! *poundsign*sarcasm

  LexiDaBae  |  17

#30, a "hashtag" is when you use the pound key to tag a word to a certain topic. It's not the symbol alone, its the symbol and the word paired together. It's in the context too.

By  strawberrywine22  |  27

Aw OP, don't listen to them :) whether you're a good singer of not, don't meet them bring you down. If you like to sing in the shower, then sing your heart out!! Just, maybe...close the window :P