Chud's Diner

By Frany - 10/01/2023 22:00

Today, my now-ex boyfriend treated our waitress like shit. She was a young lady who just came from Venezuela and barely spoke English. He gave her no tip, ranted about “fixing this goddamn border problem” along with xenophobic slurs. Apparently, he’d forgotten I’m an immigrant too, from Colombia. FML
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I just don’t get people. He’s xenophobic but dates an immigrant. I would think he would know better than to mix hatred and pleasure outside of pop culture and/or sports fandom or a consensual S&M relationship. And, like, what the **** is with people who date what they hate anyway? Those of us in actual loving interracial relationships hate the **** out of people who do this shit. In short, OP’s ex is a dipshit and should be acknowledged as such in respected media and publications.

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Oh my gosh I’m very sorry for that waitress & for you. A huge freaking bullet dodged & you’re better off. Sorry that some people have a really limited mindset but I hope you know most people aren’t that way

Hope you dumped him in front of the waitress so she got to see him get served some karma.

I agree with the others. but please tell me that you talked to the waitress and have her a tip. bullet dodged

Good for you for dumping him. Anyone who mistreats service workers are scum and deserve no happiness in life.

Xenophobes are almost exclusively stupid people. The ones who are not use xenophobia to gain a following among the morons. It's too bad that Hillary ditched the "deplorables" theme like a hot potato. It really sums up the MAGA crowd quite well.