By FuglyBetty - Norway - Arendal
Today, while doing the grocery shopping with my boyfriend we came across another woman also out shopping, who looked shockingly like me despite her being another race, hair color and the like. The second he saw her, he blurted out, ''Oh, it's a pretty version of you!'' FML
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  nanxi  |  30

Look again, #31. He said "pretty version". While not the most outrageous thing to say, it's still a pretty cringe-y thing to blurt out.

By  Miss_Whipped  |  43

What he should have said is that no matter how similarly she looks to you, YOU are prettier. I swear some men need lessons on being good boyfriends. All the same, some women need lessons on being good girlfriends. Why is this not a thing yet?

  Miss_Whipped  |  43

That's hardly an appropriate assumption based on my comment. I was saying that he should tell OP that OP is prettier because of the fact that he chose to be in a relationship with her. How does that mean I need lessons on being a decent human being?

  enxhi96  |  21

Where do you see an insult 36? She said he should tell his gf she is prettier. That's not insulting anyone. He wouldn't be calling her ugly.


Obviously, if they looked similar, the margin of how much the mentioned girl is "prettier" than her should be considerably small. If someone said you looked like Beyoncé, but not as beautiful, would you still take it as an insult?

  Miss_Whipped  |  43

Thank you #38 for understanding my point. I appreciate that. However, due to the fact that some people on here don't know how to read, my comment still got buried. It is what it is. :)

By  gosh_mate  |  30

Really not a fan of people who put down their partner like this... It may have been a joke but what's the point of being with someone who doesn't lift you up.

  kikimajigger  |  12

It sounds like he didn't mean it - he just had a foot-in-mouth moment. My husband has had plenty of those; his filter is a little delayed sometimes. It's so darn cute when he realizes and tries to recover, I just laugh. It's good for couples to not take themselves so seriously. :-)

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

9, there's a difference between being positive all the time and being hurtful & negative. You don't need to be positive all the time, but don't put your person down either.