By unknown - 08/03/2014 00:53 - United States - San Antonio

Today, my boyfriend and I decided to mess around at my workplace's parking lot. Things got hot and steamy, but in the middle of it all, there came a bang at my car window. My frantic boss had seen us and thought I was being attacked. FML
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I have to say, if you're doing that sort of thing in public, you're an asshole. Next time, wait until you get home like everyone else.

If he'd joined in, that would've been an excellent **** plot


If he'd joined in, that would've been an excellent **** plot

HowAreYouToday 34

It wouldn't be an excellent **** though because from what I know its not supposed to look like an attack.

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Unless you're into that sorta thing, I guess.

I have to say, if you're doing that sort of thing in public, you're an asshole. Next time, wait until you get home like everyone else.

"everyone", you think this isn't a regular occurance?

I agree with #2, if your going to do that in public, you have to accept the fact that people are going to see you. And if you're doing it at work (even the parking lot) just plan on the worst possible person finding you. . like your boss . . YDI. If your over 17 there's really no reason for doing it in public, the consequences are way to horrible to make it worth it.

But if you're under 17 there is a reason to be doing it in public?

yeah, not wanting to get caught by the parents.

Seriously is there anyone who hasn't done it in a public place? If so that's one boring ass sex life. She probably should have found a better place for sure but sometimes you just can't control yourself.

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#23- If you need to be out in public for your sex life to be exciting and awesome, then you just suck at sex. lol.

How does that make you an asshole? They weren't being mean to people or anything like that.

no one wants to see people having sex when they're trying to get to work, that's how she's an asshole as for exciting sex life, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of ways to have an exciting sex life without showing your gooch to the neighborhood, and if you can't, as a prior commenter said you're just awful at sex. OP you deserved it for not being careful or considerate especially at your work place. That just made you downright stupid.

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Maybe not, but people who don't have sex in public areas shouldn't have to see that. Especially in such a high risk area like a workplace parking lot. It's about respect. If it were in an alleyway, maybe it would've been an FYL.

I disagree. Public settings are quite a popular kink. If you're caught, of course, you assume full responsibility, that's implied.

I gotta disagree with you...some people like a little more fun than that. There's nothing wrong with enjoying something a little more than the norm. It doesn't really make OP an asshole.

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@56, Hypothetically, I enjoy skinning young people and sewing their skin into tablecloths. Am I still not an asshole just because I enjoy something more than the norm?

I just wanted to chime in and say "gooch" has surpassed panty hamster for favorite slang words for vag. Lol

heads up. the "gooch" is actually the bit between your ****** and arsehole or balls and areshole. also known as the perineum

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Everyone else? Guess someone's never had sex at work then. Prude.

@26 What I meant was sometimes you just can't help it. The mood strikes hormones go crazy and you just need it and don't care where you are. I don't go around with my husband trying to get away with doing it in crazy public locations. But has no one else been unable to control themselves one time or another? Guess no else has ever wanted their partner as bad as I have... Guess that makes me "awful" at sex.....

um there's a thing called self control and being discreet about something like that. just cause people wanna kill someone doesn't mean it's right just cause the mood strikes them suddenly. a public place where other people can see you is a **** move and disrespectful. if you want others to watch you have sex, make a porno.

Well, at least your boss cares for his/her employees. :)

Definitely. A boss that genuinely cares about your safety will be useful if you actually do get attacked.

If the boss doesn't think they're having sex.

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I bet you're embarrassed to go to work now...

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Like they say, "never shit where you eat," except it's "never put yourself in a compromising situation where you have to show up everyday."

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Well at least you know he is looking out for you. Most bosses aren't that thoughtful or concerned.

There's a time and place for everything, that was neither. Thank your boss for caring.

I understand the parking lot - we all go through desperate times - but at work? Really? You should have more sense than that.

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in a parking lot eeeeveryone can see! go into the office janitor closet or something! lol

Seriously? People seriously can't keep it in their pants for long enough that they can't wait until they get home or get somewhere more private? Ugh, I really hate the world right now. And no one cares.

You were being attacked though... His trouser snake was after you! Good boss.. They definitely dont make them like they used to.

Better than the boss who wouldn't let the poor guy go to his grandmother's funeral.