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Today, I was feeling a little naughty, so I put on a sexy outfit, laid down on the hood of my boyfriend's car, and waited for him to find me. When he came into the garage and saw me, he freaked out and bitched at me, because I "could have dented the chassis". FML
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Why men are more worried about cars then girls I don't know. Doesn't make sense to me.

never mess with a mans car.


Why men are more worried about cars then girls I don't know. Doesn't make sense to me.

NastyNinja31 0

Cars aren't free u kno

enonymous 8

I'd be pissed if some chick was on my gremlin. I just got those bulletholes and peeled paint just the way I wanted it

Cars are replaceable. The girl's attention is not.

MagicGiraffe 12

Diamonds are to woman as Cars are to man.

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Girls are easily replaced.

The man has a point...

radioedit 7

I wouldn't have mind one bit. we could have did it on top of my car if u wanted to. ?

Well if she wasn't so fat that wouldn't be his first thought :o Maybe, I don't mean to sound like an asshole D:

What if said girl does not like diamonds?

Guys are easily replaceable too. I love cars more than tons of girls, but if a guy chose his car over me, I'd have a few choice words. And then I might choose a few things, maybe a vibrator, over him the next time he's horny. Payback is a bitch. Pick your battles boys!

its not that we care more about the car, but how are dents and scratches sexy? be sexy on the bed or inside the car, not on it.

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cars don't complain cars don't take hours to get ready (im a girl) but.. you can't have sex with cars you can't reproduce with cars you can't rely on a car forever & always

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DONT HURT HIS CAR! Sit on something else.!

12em12 1

Unless you're an ass.

46, and he has a hand

KiddNYC1O 20

Cars have feelings too.

flockz 19

i like a nice body regardless of the make.

12em12 1

WTF I didn't want to post this...

to 26 your point is false, i would rarther have a good car over diamonds anyday..

I can use a car any day of the month, it will take me to hang out with my friends without complaining, it's always down for a ride, and any money I put into it I will get back.

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uhh no..

kings1fan 6

Lakers Suck!

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Well your boyfriend seems to be into cars as much as he is into you. Seeing as denting tue chassis of a car would require a hell of a lot of force on the actual chassis, which is not the hood by the way..

Well. You could have.

chaldochamp3 6

You wouldn't understand because you aren't a guy.

you dont sit on someones car regrardless of their sex. its common knowledge, plus it creates dents. and yes im a guy, deal with it.

cars do take hours to set up annnnd while u can just meet a new girl it takes thousands of dollars to buy a new car

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The only reason it was sexy in whitesnake's video is because he can afford 100 cars.

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he can give her(op) a handmade diamond if you know what I'm saying...

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Too bad the chassis is the framework. Your boyfriend is an idiot

The real question is; what was she doing out of the kitchen??

Captain_Zorro 7

162- or maybe she is extremely overweight lol.

mrredkneck 2

101 you have your priorities straight

PawsUp_fml 2

To anyone who thinks anyone is replaceable it is true, but why would you want to replace someone. Today's world is sad, it's all about sex and possessions...if you get a girl or guy who treats you like a queen...keep them! Unless they don't have any personal hygiene them there isn't a reason to be such a bitch/asshole

how in the hell wud tht dent the chasis?? my 1990 jeep got rear ended at 50mph and it Barely tweaked the chasis

162 my exact thought, then again.. the op can be, ahem "heavy"

#26, a major difference is that usually a girl receives diamonds from her significant other. Guys tend to buy their own cars.

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Stock hood replacement 899.99 that's one expensive piece of ass! It's a sexy thought and give her credit for trying! But new cars use thinner metals to be lighter, thus netter on gas and dent easier. I'd be upset too... But if it was my old beater, id jump on and tell her to enjoy the ride! Guess it comes down to the op's car...

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What girl doesn't like diamonds?!?!?!

Well it could've been Bumblebee and your boyfriend just saved you from serious shit

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kings cant even get in the playoffs BITCH

females only make sandwiches.

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Must be driving a garbage car

Not all men, okay? I drive a semi nice car, but if my girlfriend was laying on the hood of it in a sexy outfit with the fuck me eyes, damage to the car would be the last thing in my mind. Your boyfriend is a twat.

Next time sit on his skateboard or something and watch him really freak out ;)

You have EVLR34 as your avatar...

sex with a hot chick on a hot car... or no sex and you still gotta pay hood damage cause she was already sitting on it... hmm...

i came here just to say that. chassis and body are two VERY different things!

He woulda like it better if you were naked ;)

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hey! women cost money too(x

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213- Me. I don

starryxeyes 2

213- Me, I don’t really care for diamonds or any jewelry for that matter.

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lol idk I'm a guy I'm 15 n idk but a girl is way more important than a car specially if shes special to you, car may cost alot but ur special girl is priceless :)

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cars don't talk back


A car wont cheat on you either. Cars dont go thru mood swings. Cars dont complain or nag.

Well that's stupid. You can't dent a diamond's chassy ;) They don't lose value. They don't break down...

Sitting in the garage by yourself on the hood of a car = naughty?

supernerd352 7

68... Its not impossable to have sex with a car... You should see some of the freaks i've dated

crymore if u invest thousands of $ and hundreds of hours into making a car nice wouldn't u be pissed of if someone unnessairly damaged it? she could've been sexy on the kitchen table or the bed or the couch why pick something he's spent alot of money on

go restore an old car well and see how u feel if someone sits on the hood

ergo_sum can ur drive a diamond? will it get u to work or to were ever u want to go? a diamond Is pretty a car can be pretty and useful

You guys are wrong. Cars to guys are like shoes to women.

limblessorphan 4

yeah, when i was feeling naughty, put on à sexy dress and spread out over my girlfriends diamonds she started to freak out too! she yelled to me that the stones would get all hairy and greasy.

Women and shoes nuff said.

dbss11 3

actually asiain cars last a while I have a Honda with nearly 300000 miles on it xD

he probably had a fl_shlight in the glovebox lol

I would have found it a sexy move, but I prefer it on bed

And they r a degree

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You can't dent the chassis by sitting on the hood. You can dent the hood by sitting on the hood. Your bf should know this. it would be totally awesome if you informed him and proceeded to school him on the car that he loves.

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Sounds like a big girl to bend the chassis! Get of my car!!!

Noelle282 8

Are you single dude cuz it sounds like you should be

Really? Guess it was just me having fun with the tail pipe... I'm sure the car enjoyed it though...

I'm a girl and I got pissed at the guy I liked for sitting on my hood during a class picnic because it was muddy and he didn't want his pants getting dirty. I paid for my car, its rude to think that other people's property is your bench. I told him to get his ass of the car and then made him pay the $400 dollars for a new paint job. His boots scratched the fucking paint off. So yea, sitting on someone's car would piss me off too, it is common manners. Cause nothing says sexy like ruining property. So yea, Op, YDI. ALso it doesn't matter if she is a special girl or not. It doesn't seem like he broke up with her for it, just yelled at her which makes him human not a bad guy.

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68- mechanophiles. google it.

Becuse cars are expencive. I doubt he cares more for the car. She could have easily just done that on the couch or even the back seat. I bet if he would have done somthing in the attempt to be sexy and in the process wrecked somthing of hers she would be just as upset.

you can turn are car off

astarazhna 1

They're just four-wheeled friends now

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69- like his ......

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Cars are more important to guys because girls are like socks, if you lose yours you can just steal someone else's.

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MetalBoi 0

I love CR1T1KaL :D

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If my gf dented the hood of my Mustang GT then she'd get an earful from me. Car parts aren't cheap to replace or repair. For me that's around a 1500$ fix

Lol, I take seconds to get ready and you can't rely on people either.

zking291 0

can't rely on a woman forever and always either

neither are women

A busted up chassis basically destroys the whole car, just sayin. I understand the bf's concern... if it wasn't for the fact that no person can hurt a chassis by sitting on the hood. Unless perhaps you drive an AMC Pacer or Smart fortwo or a Peel... but I'm guessing that's not the case here. Boyfriend's an idiot for not knowing what the chassis is, and OP is annoying for sitting on a car's hood.

you can technicaly have sex witha carv they hav fetishes for that amd you cant rely on a woman eithhrr life isnt a fairytale

why not his xbox or ps3 haha!

Because they are too poor to get another car!

iloveHU15 6

you are a very wise young man! :p

Thank you! Finally someone else who noticed the OP's boyfriend's clear lack of knowledge when it comes to cars!

Cars a lot more usefull tho

threer 30

Oh, look. More gender stereotypes! Y'all are some gems.

same reason women care about clothes

Girls don’t have a $14,000 paint job, but it’s easy to mess one up. And little dents are a massive pain to remove

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or fat. so fat she could have dented the "chassis". FAIL

HowAreYouToday 34

Or maybe you come second place to the car.

with my sex drive...I'm good till new years

237 you got that off of The Big Bang Theory.

does ur boyfriend know what a chassis is?

never mess with a mans car.

Especially the chassis

itsgen 16

no sex for him!

Especially, one that belongs to a guy that has no idea what a chassis must be, because unless O.P is a whale, there's no way that chassis is going to "dent".

yeh this guy sounds like a duck. ptovle drives a prius anyway. they don't even have chassis

mondayna 3

it's actually don't mess with a mans car or sit on it if your fat. no offense

*inserts man grunt after this comment*

why should he not recieve sex for wanting to talk care of his stuff. i wouldnt want to have sex on a glass table, would you?

I know right! If my chick was sitting on my car dressed all nice and ready.......well who cares about the chassis.

12em12 1

Looks like the car is more important than you.

Try explaining that dent and how much it costs to fix it

12em12 1

If she's fat then it probably dented...

I like to think it would be caved in, not just a dent.

DarkHelmet 10

to dent the chassis you must be a BIIIGGG girl or your bf was subliminally insulting you

Exactly OP. So get your nasty ass off the car. You're going to dent the unbreakable chassis!

was it a nice car?

why do my comments get no attention?

Go bitch to your mom, we don't want to hear it you dickwagon.

Watch it be a 98 Saturn wagon.

how could you do that? you could have dented it. you are so inconsiderate. -waits for idiot to comment thinking I'm serious-

KiddNYC1O 20

Sigh. I'll be the idiot. It's true though.

Lol( I actually read full comment before commenting myself) you can actually dent a car like that, too bad a chasis is at the back for cars since 1997.

KiddNYC1O 20

What are you talking about? ^

100- is going all nerd on us.

Osito2011 9

100 you know the chasis is the actual frame of car right...every car made has a chasis.

100- you ever think of the car being older than that?

ariannaa_fml 17

100- who said it was made after 1997?

the chassis is the base fram for it. everything is built on this to form the car. Im pretty sure cars before 97 were alot sturdier with chassis. they are safer because the bodies arent made with shit .0000002 gauge metal and dont crunch up like aluminum foil. safety over mpg, although ud prolly end up destroying the other car

and your vital organs, cars crumple to absorb the impact rather than just stop and kill you or hurt you a lot at minimum

elcieloskyler 5

Lol dumbass 100

The chassis is underneath the car

yeah seriously, what?

Rofl guys I was joking =] I luv seeing peoples reactions to my retarded comments :D

No, you're obviously just a retard 100. Don't try pass it off as sarcasm. You're just an idiot. OP's boyfriend fails at life.

#205, have you never seen the prius go head first into the 69 mustang? the mustang is no longer with us and the prius lived another day....

What were you thinking?! You could have dented it! Are you crazy?

She must be! What kind of person in this world would do something like that?!?

mistfullkittie 3

That's what I'm thinking... WTF... I would freak out too if someone was on top of my car...

iChel413 6

I'll tell you who, a person who feels naughty!

Feeling naughty is no excuse for sitting on a man's car.

Link5794 18

Correct me of I'm wrong, but isn't the chassis the frame on which the wheels are mounted?

that's when you take a hammer and smash his chassis and say "hows about those chassis bitch?"

shybear15 0

I laughed so hard reading your pic :D

haha that's why I put it :D

CyonideCyns 0

#8= WIN

redneck0328 5

you can't ruin the chassis with a hammer. you pretty much have to get in a pretty severe wreck.

you wouldn't know too cuz ur a redneck…

thank you 137 for pointing that out. I'm a girl and I know what a chassis is. how OPs bf thought she could dent it is beyond me.

and really I could take a hammer to the bumper and then when the bumper falls off I could hit the chassis

obvs he doesn't know what a chassis is at all.

....its very hard to dent a chassis... considering its the platform that the car sits on and the only way to see it is to get under the car, not enough room to do any dammage with a hammer, now she could have dented the hood, but youd need to high center your car on a HUGE boulder or smash into a brick wall going about 50 to dent the chassis,

the chassis is under the car so either the fml is fake or her boyfriend is a idiot.

jumpshot23 0

Car =1 Girl=0

girl was all like =0

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

wooah no need to f'up a mans car :p