By elena02 - 21/11/2015 19:45 - United States - Wayne

Today, my house is so cold that I chipped a tooth from chattering so hard. FML
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get a space heater.

Maybe some gum to pad them?


Wow, you should definitely add a timeklock on your heatings

And if someone's going to correct my grammar (if it was wrong) please note that English isn't my first language.

MonstreBelle 28

Your English is great! I only see a couple of errors, but they're very minor and your comment is completely understandable despite them. There are many people who can't write or speak English as well as you even though it's their native language. This is FML, not English class. If your comment is easily understood, then don't even sweat the small stuff.

Thank you :)

get a space heater.

Cool!, your a chip off the Ol' tooth. Also, tooth be told, you should stop the chatter and go see a dentist about that.

Of course there'll always be someone doing the absolute most with the puns. Smh

*You're.... Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Well 5, we should all brush up on our puns once in a while.

Maybe some gum to pad them?

get a heated blanket before you need dentures.

Time to visit the dentist

That's intense...I take it your furnace is out of working order

As an Alaskan.I always wear pajama pants under my pants and tuck my pajamas into my socks. Then you just need some under armor and a hoodie.

It must really suck loving in Alaska. I couldn't live there even if my life depended on it

Never thought that was possible outside of cartoons....

ShortieRose 30

This sounds fake... I call shenanigans