By English_Nut117 - Canada - Georgetown
  Today, my boyfriend came onto me in a romantic gesture. We ended up having sex, forgetting that the window repair guy was supposed to come today and do some work on our third floor apartment windows. I still don't know how much he saw. FML
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  gczizza1997  |  15

What I wonder is, how long was he there before they noticed? Did he just keep installing the window, because op does say she doesn't know how much he saw. If he was caught right away it wouldn't be a lot..

  Metallica36176  |  16

I didn't get the feeling they got caught. I just got the feeling that when they were done and went about their business they realized he was there. If you get have a good idea how much they saw because of the timing and the look on their face. (If its not surprise, theyre creepy and have been watching awhile)