By Anonymous - 15/03/2014 22:05 - United States - Littleton

Today, after leaving my workplace, I realized that I forgot some important work papers. When I went back to get them, I was faced with the sight of my boss and a coworker getting it on against my desk. FML
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Another good **** plot... oh the possibilities...

Except there's thousands just like this

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33, it could easily surpass a threesome. Just think of all the other office workers who could have also left papers behind.

No, but she witnessed her boss doing something naughty. He's gotta be punished.

If I were OP I'd ask for a new desk ._.

OP holds the power right now and can make so many demands. blackmailing at it's finest hehe

#67 If he had it recorded on his phone or something then yeah , he can use it to blackmail for sure , if not then it's his word against his boss' , unless it was caught on surveillance . I hope OP fills us all in .

ZY1431 24

I wouldn't use that desk anymore.

Bleach, corrosive acid, and fire all exist for this reason :)

Kinda gross but I don't think you can catch anything that way. OP, if you are as much of an asshole as I am, I highly recommend "accidentally" spilling hot pepper juice all over the desk during lunch and setting up a webcam.

I would not use that co-worker anymore.

Either you meant she would greedily eat up the hot action with her eyes, or you wanted to say "gouge." Gorge is a throat/valley, gouge is a chisel.

Maybe he was hungry. Being lunch break and all. Eyeball soup wouldn't be so bad.

Seems like you need to worry more about your table

Video them for future blackmail opportunities

More like future porno opportunities...

Or for thousands of views on an amateur **** side.

Just remember to leave your webcam recording when you slip away from your desk.